Scrap kit used for this tutorial is from Dee's Sign Depot 'Young at Heart'

Artwork from ŠPinup toons at CDO  # CDO-2339

I wrote this tutorial March 7, 2016 using PSP X6

Supplies ( mask and animation mng


#1. Open  Paper _ 9.jpg  Shift + D to duplicate the image... close the original

the copy is now your working mage.

Go to image/ Adjust/ brightness and contrast/ Curves. Use the settings below.

to darken the paper.

#2. Right click on the paper's layer on the layer palette... Promote background layer.

Apply the mask to the background paper.

#3. Duplicate the mask layer now... to darken it further.

#4. Open frame_ 7.png resize 75%

Colorize it using the above settings. C & P it to your working image

Open element _spray 4.png resize 80%  duplicate and flip. Have it's layer below the mask layer.

Be sure it's not too close to the sides of the image and goes over.

#5. Open the tube your going to use and resize it accordingly

Open paper 1.jpg  C & P it over your your working image... to below the frame.

#6. Use your magic wand and select the inside of the frame.. go to Selections/ modify / Expand 5 pixels.

Invert  then cut /or delete on the paper 1 layer on the layer palette.. this should get right of the extra paper on the outside of the frame..

Below has the 3D drop shadow settings for the frame... Don't forget the 3D drop shadow on the tube also.


#7.  I changed the shadow setting for the girl so it would be a lil softer...

#8. Open element _25a.png (blue Rose)  resize 40%

Open element _20.png (blue paper rose) resize 50% duplicate once  put both layers below the blue rose layer.

Open element_14.png (pearl dangle) resize 70%

#9. Open element_99,png (blue leaf) resize 40% duplicate once

Open element Spray_1.png (blue glitter dots) resize 80%  duplicate . Put one on left side of frame one on right side of frame

position layers to right above the step #4 the spray 4.png layers.

#10. Open element_19.png ( blue brush plant) resize 40%  duplicate and flip.  Use your deformation tool to position the element.

#11. Open element_98a.png (young at heart tag)

Open element_18.png (white flower) duplicate 2 times . Scatter around the right side.

#12. Open element_83.png (blue flower) resize 30%  duplicate twice...scatter around the right side.

Open element_74.png (Blue blutterfly) resize 80%

#13. Don't forget to put the copyright info on it's own layer for the tube you use... bring down the opacity for that layer.


Open element_67.png (dot bow) resize 60%

Merge all visible layers  resize all layers 83% sharpen once.

Open element Wordart_2.png  (keep it on it's own layer)

#15. Hide the word art at the bottom.. and right click on top of image and COPY MERGED..

Open your animation shop and right click on it's desktop and paste as a new animation.

#16. Open the blue dots mng animation that was in the supplies zip.

Ctrl + A to select all it's frames... notice it has 25 frames.

#17. One your new animation you pasted from PSP  duplicate the one frame till you have 25 frames also... select all the frames.

 Click, hold and drag F: 1 of the dot animation over to your new working animation. let go of mouse when you've placed

it where you want.. I used the blue dots twice.. once on left side bottom and once on right side bottom.

Back to PSP and hide all the merged layers and UNhide the Artword at bottom... RIGHT  click on the top of image


PASTE as a new animation over on animation shop's desktop.

What I am wanting is the word art above the blue dots animations. Duplicate the one frame of the word art till you have

25 frames... select all frames . Click , hold and drag F: 1 of the word art over to F: 1 of your working animation.  Let go of mouse

when you have placed it where you want it.

Check your animation, if all looks well... Save as a GIF.

Done! Toodles till next time