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I hate to think I have to type these things...but seems for some its needed. I love sharing my work and the tutorials I write... to help people learn PSP and enjoy it.. I did NOT paint the original art work on my tag/blinkie creations. Where I know the artists name I state it and give them credit for their beautiful paintings.. Some I don't know the artist name so can not give them credit that's due. I would gladly put it on there if I knew. Please don't claim the tutorials as your own.. its many hours that it took me to write them.. please give me the credit.. thank you.. Norma

 You do not have my permission
at any time to remove any graphics or links and upload them to
another site, copy them to a CD,...the tutorials to  claim as
your own. Any tutorial/learning group wishing to use my
tutorials may do so but please contact me first.. They must have a LINK
only to my main HOME page and not just the tutorial page.  Do NOT "borrow" my pages to "share".. if  you like what you see then pass on the URL. .. it isn't all
that hard to click and go.  Do NOT hot link directly to any of
my images. Thank You
















This is update list starting from Jan 2013

I will try to keep this up to date for each current MONTH....