Hi there, time for another stab at writing a tutorial. *G*
In this tutorial were going to make a mosaic background for tags, frames etc.
This tutorial is for beginners that pretty much know how to use their PSP tools.
You can use any tube and font for this tutorial

Up at file choose NEW IMAGE 400 x 400 Transparent bkg.

Click on your fill tooland fill your graphic with white. Name this layer White BKG.

On your layer palette, click the create a layer button OR you can go to LAYERS on tool bar and add raster layer.

Time to open the tube that I sent in the zipped file. When its open go to EDIT and do COPY..then click on the Image graphic your working on and right click and PASTE.
Click your MOVE tool You can position the tube where you'd like it...
If you unzipped the tube into your tube folder inside of your PSP program file, you can click on your tube tool Then search for the tube :)

If you want a shadow on your tube, now is the time to apply. Remember on your layer palette be sure the TUBE layer is the one thats selected.

Here is the shadow settings I used.. You can tweak the settings if you want.

Helps to name the tube layer to keep things straight, this is how your layer palette window should look.

On your layer palette activate the Tube layer and right click DUPLICATE the layer. So now you should have 3 layers. The white background layer, tube and duplicate of tube.

We need to hide the top duplicate layer of the tube. The lil glasses there on the right in layer palette box , make sure the X is there.
Now were going to work on the original Tube layer. Highlight it on the layer palette.
*working on original tube layer????*

Use these settings.

Use your MOVE tool and reposition your TOP tube layer. Down and to the right. OR how you'd like it :)

Like this. WOO HOO.. almost done! Go to LAYERS and merge all flattened.
Dont forget SAVE OFTEN!!

If you want to put words on this graphic, now is the time.
Click on your TEXT tool When the text box opens you can choose your colors and font you'd like to use.

Click OK..you'll see your word there with 'marching ants' around it.. while its selected you can 'AFFECT' it.
If you want a bevel, shadow on it now is time.
Also can move it , while its selected.

Here's the inner bevel settings I used.*just suggestions*

and drop shadow settings


I resized when I finished..Depending on what you'd like. Heres how thats done.

Heres the settings I used.

You ALWAYS sharpen when you resize something.. or it will be fuzzy. Go to EFFECTS, SHARPEN, SHARPEN

Your done!! That was fun.. :) Heres the finished image...

Dont forget to check out my other tutorials..I'm always adding to.. Till next time


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