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Hello again... time for a tutorial using the WARP BRUSH tool either in PSP 8 or 9.
It works in both.
This is not a tutorial for beginner, you must have a basic working knowledge of your PSP tools.

Below is the zip of the two tubes I used for the tut. You could also use any that you want.
I also included a link for Xenofex 2 plugin from Alienskin, I used it in the background behind the frog.


*Xenofex 2*

Drag and drop this arrow to keep up with where you are in the tutorial

Open your frog tube I included in the zip file. On your layers

 palette, right click on the Frog layer and DUPLICATE.
Now you should have 2 layers there on the palette. Remember best to always

RENAME a layer, by right clicking on the layer. That way it

wont get as confusing keeping the layers straight.
In this case.. use Frog 1 and Frog 2.

Making sure you have the top frog layer highlighted or selected on your palette.

Click your FREEHAND selection tool . have it set the same as in the example below.
Point to point, mode ADD, feather 0

I enlarged the frog to 200% so I could see better, while working on its eyes.
Click along the outside edge of the eye, when you get to the last

click to enclose the eye you right click , that like 'closes' in the selection.

Move over to the other eye and do the same.. If you've done it right you should have both eyes shapes selected.

Use your fill tool and fill with white. Go to SELECTIONS/INVERT

Apply a drop shadow on the eyes. Use these settings below.

ADD a NEW LAYER.* RENAME these new layers!!!* Now were going to

make a pupil for the eye. Click your Selection tool and from the drop down list choose ellipse.

Carefully draw out an ellipse. Yours wont look exactly like mine. Don't worry about that :)
Your just going to make one pupil like we want then duplicate the layer

that way will only have to draw it ONCE and both will be exactly the same.

Use Fill tool.. and fill with black. Go to SELECTIONS/INVERT

Apply a drop shadow on it using white color. use the settings here on example.

On your layer palette, on the eye ball layer *pupil* right click and duplicate.

Take your MOVE tool and move the duplicated pupil layer over to the other eye.
You picture should look like the example below.
5 layers now on your palette.. if all went well the bottom frog layer

with eyes shut. the next frog layer, same then the white eye layer, then the two last black pupil layers.

At this point, on the layer palette I want you to HIDE the bottom

Frog layer X it. Click on the top layer and right click/ Merge/Merge VISIBLE.

You should have only 2 layers on your palette now.. one frog layer with eyes shut and other with eyes open. RIGHT????
RENAME the layers

OK ADD a NEW layer.
Here you don't have to do this step.. but I thought the frog

needed a lil bit of blush, more pinkie... I was going to make it more feminine.
I used my Airbrush tool set like these settings.

Pick a pretty rose color. Dot it around. like in the areas I did in the sample.
Go to ADJUST/Blur/Gaussian blur. Using these settings.

Now you have the two frog layers and One Blush layer..

 DUPLICATE the blush layer and drag one down on top of the bottom frog layer. Each frog should have its own blush layer.

X out or hide the top two layers one frog one blush. and MERGE/VISIBLE the bottom two.
Then hide or X that new bottom Merged layer and Merge/VISIBLE the top two layers.

Finally time to use your WARP Brush Tool..

In the next three pictures I used the warp brush the PUSH MODE.
Set these settings.

Remember you have 2 layers here.. one with frog with its eyes

closed and one with them open.. I just used the WARP brush on one layer.. but you can do on both if you want..

You'll see I used it on edges of mouth,

Pulled up a bit, to make it look like she's smiling bigger..

On this one I set the brush BIGGER and put it on expand MODE

 and put it over her tummy and clicked ONE time.. and it expanded her tummy.
to look like she's breathing..

Put the Warp brush back on PUSH mode and pushed up on her bottom lip. just a lil bit.
I'm just working on the top layer here..

OK.. done with the warp tool.. I want to add a lil bow to my 'girlie' frog :)
Open your bow tube I included in the zipped tube file.

With the bow highlighted, on its palette you can click and drag it over

 to the frog pic ORRRRR you can copy and paste.. which ever works for you.
The bow will be on its own layer. Position it where you want it..

DUPLICATE bow layer and drag one of those layers down over bottom

 frog layer.. EACH frog layer has to have its own bow. HIDE the top

 two layers, merge/merge visible the bottom frog and bow layers.

 HID X and merge/merge visible the top two remaining layers.
NOW you should have 2 layers there..

Ok, this is where it might get confusing for you... what you have

 now is 2 frog layers.. one with eyes closed, one with eyes open.
We need to ADD a new LAYER rename it white bkg, drag it to Bottom

 under the frog layers.. flood fill it with WHITE this is now the background of your picture.

Confusing part----> You should have 3 layers now.. I want you to

 DUPLICATE the bottom FROG layer ,

HIDE 'X' the other two TOP frog layers.
This is the layer were going to make some kind of backdrop to the graphic.

 I used Xenofex 2 /Constellation effect.. but I have an example of using PSP's Effects/Texture/Mosaic also

After you apply what ever effect you want BEHIND the graphic, you need

to DUPLICATE the effect layer.. Also you need to move the effect

 a lil to the left or right so it can be seen behind the frog.
ok 5 layers so far.
Bottom WHITE layer, NEXT up the EFFECT layer, i.e. mosaic or star constellation. next the 2 frog layers.

On the BOTH frog layers apply a drop shadow on them using these settings.

You have to DUPLICATE the EFFECT layer and the WHITE BKG layer now..

Merge/MERGE VISIBLE a WHITE BKG layer, EFFECT layer and one of the

FROG layers together.. HIDE it and merge the remaining WHITE BKG layer,

EFFECT layer and Frog layer VISIBLE together.. What you end up with

is two merged layers.. if you'll notice one layer with frogs eyes open, one closed. BACK track if you don't.
THANK GOODNESS for UNDO button woohoo :)

SAVE your GRAPHIC with 2 layers in PSP ANIMATION format


OPEN up your animation shop and go to FILE and find the graphic you just saved in PSP.

EDIT/select ALL and right click go to FRAME PROPERTIES. Put 20 in for the speed.

Now time to save your new animation.
GREAT JOB.. if you have ANY questions fell free to contact me. I COULD OF missed something ha..



TOODLES till the next tutorial you tackle!!!!!