Hi... once again...I'm here with a new tutorial..


You need a working knowledge of PSP 9's tools..
You also need the *free* PLUGIN Xero's *Fritillary* effect. for this tutorial.
You can get Xero HERE

Start with opening a NEW IMAGE using the settings below.

On your layer palette click as shown below... ADD a NEW Raster Layer..

Select your SELECTIONS TOOL and draw a rectangle in the middle of your canvas.
With these settings below.

Select your FILL tool and fill with a color of your choosing.

On your layer palette you now have 2 layers, the bottom background layer in white and the new added layer with the filled rectangle on it.

Right click on that top layer and go up to RENAME and name it Purple Rectangle... or whatever color it is.

Right click again that top layer and duplicate it 2 times.. you should have 4 layers on your palette now.. the bottom white bkg layer.
and 3 of the filled rectangle layers.*not shown*

Now on the layers palette high light or select the TOP layer *one of the filled rectangles* Go to EFFECTS down to PLUGINS.. find your Xero on the list.
You will see the menus fly out.. find the fritillary effect on there..

Apply that filter with the settings below to the top rectangle layer.

On the 2nd layer from top, the next rectangle layer, Apply Xero with these settings.
Only thing changed is the variation setting.

On the layer 2nd from the bottom.. the original rectangle layer apply these settings..

Now the bottom White background layer on the palette, right click and duplicate 2 times. So you should have 3 rectangle layers and 3 white background layers.

Put a single RECTANGLE layer on top of EACH of the White bkg layers.. SOO from top to bottom you have in this order.. RECTANGLE, Wht Bkg, RECTANGLE, Wht Bkg, RECTANGLE, Wht Bkg.

On each of the RECTANGLE layers you MERGE DOWN.. a rectangle layer with a wht bkg layer....
So you should have 3 merged layers after all that.

Time to pick you a cute Tube to put on this blinkie. Color coorindate it with the blinkie squares.
Copy and paste it on a NEW layer.
ADD a 3D shadow if you want.. heres the settings I used.

You do the same with the TUBE layer you duplicate it 2 times and put each tube layer with one of the merged layers you made.
Merge down on each of them, you end up with 3 merged layers again.
The next 4 captures show you how to..

You end up with 3 merged layers if all went well.. if not can ALWAYS UNDO..
if you have alot of white space around your blinkie.. you might want to use your selection tool and draw a rectangle around it and go to IMAGE and CROP to image.
Getting rid of all the excess around it.

Time to SAVE AS .. save it as an Animation shop (*.psp) format file.

Open in Animation shop and go to EDIT/SELECT ALL and right click on any of the frames and go down to Frame Properties.

Choose the display speed for animation 10

Time to save it.. go to FILE/SAVE AS and name it
Go through these steps.. Click Customize

Here is where you have to decide to use, Optimized Octree or Optimized Median Cut.
Some things look better with one while another looks better with the other.. if it looks grainy or it messes up the color after you use one of them go to EDIT/UNDO optimization...
Then go to FILE/Optimization wizard, and go through the steps again.
and choose the other one.

One bad thing about when we make animations. We start with a graphic thats 16,000,000 colors. and when you save it as a .gif it goes down to 256 colors.. which messes up alot of graphics..
Especially ones with gradients or flesh color.
Something we just have to deal with.

Here are a few samples of blinkies using this technique.


Hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.. If you have any questions just holler!!! lol TOODLES