Swing Tut

Hi there, yep its lil ole me again...Several asked me to write a tutorial on how to animate an object. "Justa Swingn!!"
Get comfy, grab a coke.. and awayyy we go!!!
I've included the girl and doggie tube in a zipped file but you can use any graphic you'd like.

*Girl & Dog tube*

I would like to thank Dean Yeagle for allowing me to use his art work 'Mandy' for this tutorial.


Drag and drop this arrow to keep up with where you are in the tutorial

Start with opening a new image 500 x 500 white background. You can resize this later by cropping.
ADD a new layer, name it NAME *well in this case I did* Use your Font tool and type in the NAME

While the name is still selected click on EFFECTS, 3D EFFECTS, apply a INNER BEVEL to the Text using these settings

Now apply a DROP SHADOW using the settings below

You should have 3 layers now seen on your layers palette.

Zoom in to the image and make sure the GIRL layer is highlighted. Use your eraser tool and carefully erase some of her hand, where it looks like her hand is around the bottom of the letter.

Zooming back out now its time to crop our image down. Use your selection tool *set on rectangle, 0 feather* Draw a square around as I did here in this pic. IMAGE, Crop to selection.
REMEMBER ALWAYS save often!!

On your layers palette DUPLICATE each layer 2 times. You should end up with 3 of EACH layer. X ALL out but the original 3 layers *Bkg, Girl & Name.*

Hightlight the GIRL layer, click on the DEFORMATION tool. Turn her where it looks like shes swinging to the left.Click the MOVE tool then move her so that her hands are where it looks like shes hanging *each of the girl layers you'll try to put her hands in the same place, it wont be exactly because shes turned either left,right or down straight*.
Once you've positioned her, go to EFFECTS and SHARPEN.

Now you go to LAYERS palette and MERGE. MERGE visible.*your merging the 3 original layers. The others should be X'd out* Drag that now merged layer down to the bottom.

X the new merged layer out now and UN X the next bkg, girl and name layers. The girl on this one is hanging straight down.So we don't have to use deformation tool or sharpen *make sure shes in the right position with her hands on the letter..highlight the girl layer, right click, merge, merge visible. Then drag this new merged layer down right above the first merged layer.

Now were working on the last 3 layers. Highlight the GIRL layer and click the DEFORMATION tool and this time turn her RIGHT. Click MOVE tool, EFFECTS, SHARPEN. Move her where her hands are in pretty much same position as the other girl layers. While the last girl layer is highlighted, right click and MERGE, MERGE visible. Look on your palette box you should have 3 merged layers now...If you don't.. then ut oh.. you messed up somewhere..
THANK Goodness for UNDO.. *S*
In this screen shot below, I have the 3 merged layers then added another layer and put my watermark on it and duplicated 2 times and merged each new layer with the 3 merged layers.*had to explain that..I'm sure your lookn at that pic and saying "WHAT the HECK!!!! where did those come from".
SAVE these 3 merged layers in PSP format and remember where ya parked them :)

OK the pain is almost over with, were almost done. Time to open your ANIMATION SHOP. Go to File and open. Hopefully you've not forgotten where you put the graphic we just *labored* over. HA.. There should be an animation with 3 frames there *if not, DID I mention about YOU messing up???* LOL I know it wasn't me *blink* Alrighty click on the middle frame, right click, copy. THEN click *highlight* the last frame #3 and right click and PASTE, AFTER the selected frame.

Should be 4 FRAMES now... Right?? IF the frames were numbered from left to right it would be 1 2 3 2.

Go up to EDIT, SELECT ALL then RIGHT click on any of the frames. Click on FRAME Properties, I used 50 for this animation.. you might have to adjust it. Depends on the animation.

TADAAA You've done it. Hope you liked this one and I made it where you could understand...
Till next time.. TOODLES

Please feel free to visit my other tutorials.

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