I am using Photoshop CS 3 Extended for this tutorial...

will work in all versions of Photoshop

I've had a few people ask me how Masks work in PS...it might be a little

bit easier in PSP (Paint Shop Pro) but once you learn how to use them

in Photoshop.. you will become accustom to the process.

This will only work in PNG & JPG mask images. The PNG method is easiest. So I will

show you that method first.


  Use the above arrow to keep up with where you are at in the tutorial

#1. Open your PNG mask, also open the bkg paper your wanting to use for the mask.

Select the bkg paper image, on its layer palette click and drag it over to the mask image window.

#2. Highlight the paper layer and go to Layer up at the top of your PS window/Create Clipping Mask.


 #3. Easy as that.. merge visible.. and go on with the creating your tag.


There is a lil more to using a JPG Mask...

#4. Open your jpg mask. Right click on top and duplicate, close the original

If your mask has the black around the edges like the one below.. there is an

extra step you have to do.


#5. Go to Layer/New Adjustment layer/Invert/ Merge visible


Now that you have the mask with the design in black and the outside white.. we need to

make a brush.

#6. Go up to EDIT/ Define Brush Preset or F10 is how I have my Photoshop set up.

# 7. Add a new layer on your Mask. Hide the bottom or mask layer.

#8. Click on your brush tool and find your new brush you just made.

and 'stamp' onto the new blank layer. See below... You can save it as a PNG or just start with the steps

from the above PNG Steps #1- 3


if there is an easier way of doing this.. please feel free to contact me.. I'd love to know!!