Written Sept 28, 08  *Any resemblance to any other tutorial is coincidental.*

I used a scrapkit of mine that I created for this tutorial you can download HERE.  The animations I made and mask that I used are included in the zip.

I used the artwork of Suzanne Woolcott.. you can buy her creations HERE

I used PSP 9 for this tutorial.. any version would work... you must have a working knowledge of PSP to do this tutorial..

or a great deal of determination!! lol

You can use this bat to drag and drop to keep up with where you are in the tut.

#1. Start off with a bkg tile you want to use... make sure the bkg is a little bit smaller than the canvas.. either reduce the size of the bkgs layer.. or go to IMAGE/ Canvas size and enlarge the canvas.. make sure you have changed the bkg layer to raster first though or that wont work :)

#2. Go to Layers/Load Save Mask/ Load Mask from disk... * now this depends on whether or not you put the mask I supplied into your mypspfiles/mask folder or not.. if you have it open the mask and minimize it on your desktop.. you can go to Layer/New Mask layer/ from image and do it that way...

On the layers palette.. there should be 3 layers of the mask right click on the top one and merge/group.

#3. Use one of the frames I included in the scrapkit zip if you would like.. position over the mask layer.

#4. Next I copied and pasted the bow I was going to use.. I used the Mesh Warp tool to pull out the ends of the bow.

#5. Copy and paste the main focus tube your going to use now.

#6. I applied a 3D drop shadow on her using these settings below.

#7  Add a new layer and drag it to the bottom of the layer palette, under the mask layer. Fill it with white.. you can merge the mask layer with this white bkg layer.  Add all your other elements that you want to use on your tag... choices choices :) Position them.. then MERGE all the elments from the frame UP... you should have just 2 layers on the layer palette... the bottom mask and white bkg layer and then all the other layers merged into one.

#8. It is always easier to name your layers always.. that way you wont get confused what is what...


#9.  Here is where it gets fun :)  Making sure your on the mask/white bkg layer.. do COPY... open your animation shop and right click on its desktop and paste as a new animation. Use this button and duplicate that new animation frame 3 times.. so you end up having 4 FRAMES in the new animation. Like it shows below.

# 10. Now open the SmWebAni.psp, position it like below... on BOTH animations... select all frames... where all have the blue around them.  Drag the FRAME ONE on the spider web animation .. to FRAME ONE of the Mask animation. DON'T let go till you get it in the exact position you want it to be in... then let go of mouse... if you notice it will pop in place and all the other frames will have the spider web too... Cool huh :)

#11.  Position it to the top right like shown below.

#12.  Go back to PSP and either merge all the elements from the frame UP then COPY that layer and go to Animation shop and  right click on the desktop and paste as a new animation... ORRRR you don't have to merge all the element layers in PSP.. just HIDE the bottom layer that's the mask and white bkg layer then up on top of the window.. right click and click COPY merged then back to Animation Shop and right click on desktop and paste as a new animation..... either way will work..

#13.  When you get all the elements into Animation Shop and right click  paste as new animation... click this button again and duplicate that one frame.. 3 times so you end up with 4 frames altogether. Like shown below... now do like you did the spider web... select all frames...  on each one.. then drag FRAME ONE of the frame/girl/elements to the FRAME ONE of the Mask/spider web animation... DON'T let go of mouse button till you get it positioned in the place you want it... Watch and don't cut any of your design off.. don't get it too close to the sides of the tag.

#14  Your Animation should look like below.. check the animation.. by clicking on this button..you can view your animation.. you might want to change the timing of the animation.. you would have all the frames selected then right click on any frame.. and go to FRAME PROPERTIES... change the number there.. smaller the number the faster the animation is...


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial...

Toodles till next time