This tutorial is done in PSP X 6... and Photoshop CS 3   The leather is made in PSP and the inner bevel text is done in photoshop.

Western Fonts


#1.  Create a new image 500 x 500 pixels... fill with whatever color you want your leather to be.

The font size will be 60-72 points big

Here I used #ac0004 &  #5a4422  (I made 2 tiles)

#2. Go to effects/Texture effects/Fine leather.

and use these settings below.

#3. You need to make the leather tile seamless.. so go to effect/image effects/ seamless tiling

use the settings below... this setting is used for all square tiles that you want seamless.

Save your new leather image as a jpg...compression set at 1 (options on the save as window)

#4. Now open your photoshop. Open the leather tile you made in PSP and go to Edit/ define pattern or F11 on your keyboard

do this with both the leather tiles you made in PSP

You can close up your leather tiles.. you can use them in photoshop now because they're  saved in patterns.


Create a new image 2000 x 600 pixels  Fill it with any color... and click on the FX at the bottom of the layer palette. then Pattern overlay.


Click on the Text tool in photoshop   Type out your word in BIG size.. you can resize smaller later.

it doesn't matter what color you choose for your text.. Once your type your text.. click the check mark up at the top.

Click the FX at the bottom of the layer palette.


The layer styles box will pop up... make sure yours matches mine.. pay attention to each tab on the left... make sure the settings go with the tab..



Make sure you set the pattern overlay to match what you used as the backing for the text.

Your text should look like the heading one on top of this page..

Toodles till next time..