This scrapkit I used for this tutorial is FTU 'Autumn Wishes' by  Creative Scraps by Crys

The lil girl is in the kit... but it has been changed a lil.. the one above reflects those changes..

 you might like to use her instead of the one in the kit.. Your choice.

Also in the supplies zip the Fall Country Road graphic and the bkg tile I used for the mask layer


WSL_Mask220.jpg found HERE  Put this mask in your mask folder and use it

though your layers/load/save mask/Load mask from disk.. DON'T use the mask with it open on your desktop..

There is a difference.


#1. Open element WOA_Frame_1.png     100% size   Shift + D Duplicate , close original.

Image/ Canvas Size  850 x  750  this is now your 'working image'

#2. Open the supplies zip , and open the FallCountryRoad.jpg  resize 60%

#3. Copy & paste the graphic to your working image. Drag its layer to bottom.


#4. Use your magic wand, tolerance 20.. and highlight the frame layer on palette then click on the center of frame

Selections/Modify/Expand  7 pixels  INVERT  .

#5. Highlight the fall picture layer and CUT/Delete

Select None.

#6. Apply a 3D drop shadow on the window frame layer.

#7. Add a new layer, Drag to bottom of layer palette.

Fill with the Bkg1.jpg at 60% , that was in the supplies zip

#8. Apply the mask , merge/merge group.. the 3 mask layers.

#9.  Start opening the elements your going to use... copy and pasting them onto your working image.

Some will have to be resized..

WOA_Element_24.png     100%

WOA_Element_23.png    100%

WOA_Element_18.png   63%    Apply 3D drop shadow

WOA_Element_11.png    40%  Drop shadow

WOA_Element_6.png    85%

WOA_Element_7.png   14%  duplicate and colorize to orange/mirror.

FixedGirl.png (out of supplies)  80%

WOA_Element_10.png   20%  Duplicate and resize the duplicated layer 88%   3D shadows on these

Below is how I placed my elements... this is totally up to you!!!

I hope you enjoy this tutorial... till next time