Scrapkit used for this tutorial is from Dees Sign Depot ' December Magic'

Artwork of ©VeryMany also used VMT_Artsyatheart

Supplies (mask ,  2snow animations & a snow scene)

#1. Open frame 1b.png resize 82%  Shift + D to duplicate.. close the original

the duplicated one is now your working image.

#2. go to Image/ canvas size 900 x 900 center justify

#3. Open paper 9.jpg  copy and paste it over to your working image.. its layer below the frame layer.

Apply the mask that was in the supplies zip to the paper layer.

#4. Use your deformation tool to pull out the mask layer  to size it larger.


#5. If you use the same tube as I did.. you will have to resize her 55%

Copy and paste her over to your working image.

#6. Add a new layer to your working image.. fill with white.. move it's layer to the bottom of the layer palette.

I duplicated my mask layer too. Below you will see I added a pic behind the frame.. you can use the one I have in the zip folder or find one

of your own you like.

#7. Time to start putting on the elements on your image

Open element 45D resize 80% duplicate and turn one up and down on the right side

do the same with Element 48b. duplicate and positon like element 45D

Open element 57.png resize 80%

Open element 55.png resize 60%

Open element 54.png resize 50%

Open element 71.png resize 40%

element 69.png resize 40%

element 7.png resize 45% put its layer below all the flowers

element 73.png

element 77.png resize 50%

#8. Position of all the elements. Now merge the 2 mask layers,white bkg..also the snow scene behind

the frame. Hide this merged bkg layers and merge/ all visible on all the top layers. Un hide them both..

#9. Open the winter wonder text.. I resized mine 25%

Open spray 4.png and resize it 75% Sharpen, duplicate and merge the two layers together.. copy and paste it over to your working image on the top layer.

Duplicate it's layer

Apply noise effect on both of the spray 4 layers.   60% on one and 70% on the other.

#10 Hide the bottom mask layers... and ONE of the spray's layers..have the top merge layers showing too...

right click on top of window and COPY MERGE

Open your animation shop... and paste as a new animation.. back to PSP and hide the other spray layer. and UN hide the other..

right click on top of image and COPY MERGE..

over to animation shop you paste behind current frame.. you should have 2 frames in your new animation.. like below.

Ctrl + A to select all the frames...Back to PSP

#11. In PSP hide all the layers except for the mask, white bkg and snow scene...On top RIGHT click and COPY MERGE.

#12.  RIGHT  click on the desktop and paste as a new animation...

Open the blueSnow.mng that was in the supplies zip... notice it has 25 frames. Duplicate the bkg animation that's in the above

preview till you have 25 frames on it.

Drag F: 1 of the bluesnow.mng over to the F: 1 of the bkg animation

position it right in the middle of the snow scene if you get it too far to the left or right the snow will show under the top layers..

don't let go of your mouse till you position it correctly.  Check it.. if all looks well you can close the blue snow mng file

The two framed animation you made of the top all frames (2) and duplicate them till you have 25 frames like the other animation

I tried using the duplicate button on it.. but it didn't look right so I selected the two frames...Copy... and paste behind the last 2 frames.. did this over and over till

I had 25 frames.. its a pain but just takes a min or two. When you get the top layers animation right and it looks ok

Drag F 1 of the toplayer animation over toF: 1 of the bkg n mask animation.. Don't let go till you position it where

it should be..

Check your animation.. if all is ok Save AS a GIF..

You are done!!

Toodles till next time