Kit used for this tutorial is Winter Roses by Crazy Carita.

tube used is a  ęBarbara Jensen tube

My license to use# BJ3511

Supplies  (mask, brush & snow animation)


#1. Open paper pp6.jpg   Shift + D to duplicate the paper... Close the original

The duplicated image is now your working image.

#2. Right click on the paper layer on the layer palette.. and promote background layer.

#3. Apply the mask from supplies zip that you put in your mask folder.. using the settings below

Merge/ merge group... that should leave one layer on the layer palette. Name this layer Mask.

#4. You have to load the .ABR brush that was in the supplies zip.  Go to File/ Import/ Custom brush. Click

Open... then browse to where you saved the ABR brush file.

it should show the brushes on the left.. ADD ALL , it will move them to the right side. .then click OK.

#5. Add a new raster layer...


#6. Click on your brush tool... find some of the snowflakes brushes on the drop down menu..

and scatter some brushes around on the new layer.. around the edges of the mask.

I used a darker color that was in the paper on the mask layer and a lighter color too...

#7. When I get through putting some snowflakes around the edges of the mask... I applied an Inner bevel using

these settings below

#8. Apply a 3D drop shadow on the snowflakes too   Settings below.

#9. Merge the snowflakes and the mask layer together.... I used Colorize to change the color of the layer.

#10 You image window should look look like below.


#11. Open element 15.png now  Resize 50%  Copy and paste the frame to your working image.. Duplicate the frame layer...position like below.

Merge both frame layers.

#12. Open pp1.jpg.. copy and paste it over to your working image.. Use the deformation tool to bring in the edges of the papers below the frame layer.

Colorize it using the same settings as before.

#13. Using your magic wand tool.. click on the inside of the two frames... go to Selections Modify/ expand 6 pixels.. INVERT and CUT..

#14. Now go to Effects/ Brightness and contrast/ Curves and darken the circles...

#15. Your image should look like below

#16.  Copy and paste the tube you're going to use.. Duplicate it and mirror it like below.. set the opacity to  73.

#17. Move the duplicated tube to below the blue circles layer.   Erase the extra hang over  below the frames.

#18. Add a new layer to your image and move it down to the bottom of the layer palette.. Fill with white

#19. Begin adding elements to your working image.

Remember to colorize when needed.. using the same settings as before

16.png  re colorize

Below is showing the 3D drop shadow on the tube.. I used the same color and setting on all the elements.

Element 5.png  resize 50%

Element 1.png resize 40%  colorize

Element 29.png  resize 60  colorize

Element 19.png resize 60%  colorize

Element  13.png resize 50%

This is what my image looks like with the elements.

#20. Merge just the bottom layers.. Mask. .round circles.. white background. .tube that has the low opacity... then Hide that merged layer.. and then

merge all the visible top layers.. You should just have two layers on the layer palette.

#21. Open your animation shop now.. in PSP hide the top merged layers... just have the bottom layer showing.. right click on the image window and click

copy merged... over in animation shop... right click on the desktop and paste as a new animation...

Open the round snow image that was in your materials zip.  Notice it has 10 frames.

Duplicate your new animation you just pasted from PSP till it has 10 frames.

Ctrl + A to select all the frames on both animations... Click hold and Drag F: 1 of the snow over to one of the blue circles on the new animation.

Check to see if the snow looks ok.. if not you can UNDO on both animations. .if ok.. do it again to the remanding blue circle.

Go back to PSP and hide the bottom merged layers and Unhide the top layers where all the elements are.. (don't forget to put your copy right info on the tag..

right click on the image and copy merged.. over to animation shop and right click on it's desktop and paste as a new animation.

Duplicate its one frame by clicking the duplication button... till you have 10 frames.. do the same as before.. select all the frames...

click hold and drag F:1 over to your working animation... to it's F: 1 let go of mouse button when you have placed it exactly where it needs to be..

Check the animation  if all looks well... Save as a GIF...if not remember to UNDO.

that's it.. your done!!

Toodles till next time