Scrap kit used for this tutorial is Tiny Turtle Designs ' Icy Blue Winter'

Artwork of ŠAlex Prihodko also used  License # to use PDF_Artsy60

Supplies ( DD_WinterMask_8  ,Northern Lights animation, candle animation & word art ' Winter Ice' plus bonus Merry Christmas WA)

This tutorial is written in PSP X 6 can be adapted in other versions of Paint Shop Pro.

on Dec 17, 2016.


#1. Open paper 11.jpg  Shift + D to duplicate the image, close the original the copy is now your new

working image.  Apply the Mask that was in your supplies zip using these settings below

#2. Merge/ Merge group. Duplicate the mask layer and set the top mask layers

blend mode to Multiply , then merge  down the two mask layers together.

#3. Go to image/ canvas size 875 x 875. Center justify.


#4. If you have to colorize anything else... use these same settings.

#5. Open element (46).png (gold frame)  Go to image/ canvas size  700 x 700 Center justify.

This is on the frames image.. not on the working image.

then Image/ Free rotate  Right/ Free 95.38  Resize the frame 84%  C & P it over to your working image.

Add a new layer below the frame layer.  Use your selection tool  (rectangle) and draw out a rectangle a lil bit

larger than the center of the frame area  Fill it with color.. (it don't matter what color.. it's not going

to show when done  , it's just for placement of the northern lights animation.

Open element (67).png ( goldish bow)  Colorize it.  C & P it over to your working image... on top of the frame on the bottom.

#6. Bow placement

#7. Open element 21.png ( spray) C & P over to your working image.. Duplicate it's layer. Put one at 11. o clock and one

at 5 o clock.  Be sure not to place it where it goes off the edge of the image..

V =0 H = 5  Opacity is 75%  blur is 10.00 color black. use this on all elements.. except the spray.

#8. Open the tube you're going to use.. resize accordingly.

  Here are the settings on the erase tool to erase

the bottom of the tubes legs.


#9. Open the Winter Ice text that's in the supplies zip... resize it 48% then sharpen... C & P it over

to your working image at the bottom above the tube's layer.

Open element 28.png (berries)  Resize 25% C & P over to your working image. Top of the layer palette.

Duplicate and mirror.

#10. Apply the shadow on it.  When we get done adding elements on your working image, we

will move the tube to the top of the working image later.

Open element 15.png (berry spray) resize 45% Sharpen.

drag it's layer below the berries.

#11. Open element 16.png (blue Poinsettia) resize 30% sharpen.

Open element 37.png (candy roll ) resize 50% sharpen.

Open element 42.png (blue rose) resize 25%  Sharpen

#12. Open element 91.png (stars and berries) resize 50% sharpen

Move the tube you used to the top of the layer palette. Apply the 3D drop shadow on all elements

#13. The Winter Ice text will be on the TOP of the layer palette.

Don't forget to add the tube's copyright info also.

#14. Add a new layer to the bottom of the layer palette.. and fill with white..

Your image should look kind of like mine here below.

#15.  Time to resize your image if you want it smaller.  I resized all layers 85%

This is up to you how small you resize it.. but remember you are suppose to be able to read the copyright info for the tube easily.

Merge all the bottom layers ( the ones below the frame excluding the frame) I will refer to them as merged bottom layers..

#16. Hide that merged bottom layers.. all the layers from the frame on up to the top.. merge them.. rename them Merged top layers.

#17. From here on out it's going to be a lil confusing.. so read carefully..

Open your animation shop. Open both animations that was in the supplies zip.

Select all frames on each one of them.

In PSP hide the top merged layers on your working image , Only have the bottom merged layers showing.

Right click on the image window and  COPY MERGED.


#18. OVER in animation shop.. right click on the desktop and paste as a new animation. Duplicate that one framed animation till you have

13 frames.  Have the Northern Lights animation all frames.. Click, hold down mouse button and Drag F: 1 of the Northern light ani.. over to F: 1 of your new animation from PSP.

I#19. n PSP hide the bottom layers and just have the merged TOP layers showing.. Right click on the top of the image and COPY MERGED

Over in animation shop... right click on the desk top and paste as a new animation... Duplicate the one frame till you have 13 frames.

#20.Select all frames.  Open the candle animation that was in the supplies zip. select all of its frames

 Click hold mouse button down and drag F : 1 over to F: 1 of the top layers animation.

Position the candle on the right side just above the ribbon bow.

#21. Time to put the top layers on the bottom part of the animation.  Be sure and select all frames on each of the animations.

You should have 2 animations there the top merged layers with the burning candle. And the bottom merged layers.

Click hold and drag F: 1 of the top merged layers over to F: 1 of the bottom layers.

Be sure to position it right where the Northern lights are in the center of the frame.

After that's done check your animation to see if it all looks ok.. if so save as a GIF

that should be it... done!