Scrapkit used for this tutorial is Crazy Carita's 'Wings of Love Mini kit'

Also the artwork of ęBarbara Jensen  name of the tube is Fringe

Vix_Mask402 used also

Supplies (include sparkle animation, psp brush, mask and sign)

Put the two brush files into your brush folder.

 Penta/ Dot and Cross plugin used


#1.  I opened my tube and set it up like the one below.. you know Barbara Jensen tubes have humpteen layers with all kinds

of choices as far as colors and outfits.. on the hair... I duplicated the hair that you see and on the top layer changed the color to the pink

then used the erase tool to erase most of it.. just kept the pink around the face.

 #2. I dragged pp2.jpg paper over to my working image and applied the mask to it...merged group...using the deformation tool I pulled it out towards all 4 corners.. be sure and not

pull it off the edges. then I duplicated the mask layer. You can place them better later on when you get all the elements on your image.


#3. Open 15.png Duplicate and place it like below.


#4. Open 17.png frame and resize 75 %  Shift + D to duplicate... position them like below

Go to Adjust/Brighten/ Contrast/ Curves.....Use your curves to darken the 2 frames some Merge/down when done.

#5. Using your magic wand click inside the two frame centers/ go to Selections/ Modify/ Expand 20 pixels

Reopen the close up Fringe tube... and copy and paste it onto your working image.. duplicate the layer.. and position it in center of each frame...

You might have to enlarge her face some you want the face filling the whole center of each frame.

INVERT the selection and  on each of the tube face layers hit delete.. getting rid of all the outside of frame extra.

#6. Your image should look like below.  When you get that done... Apply  Penta/ Dot and Cross plugin on the girls faces.

Using these settings below.

#7. Duplicate your frames layer 2 times.. so that you have 3 layers of it.. on EACH of the layers...apply Noise effect on them.. starting with 40%, 45%, 50% consecutively

#8.  Open 10 .png flowers  Duplicate ,mirror  position them on the bottom below the frames.

Open 6.png resize 30%, Duplicate it... put it on each top corner of the frame.

Open 12.png resize 60% duplicate and put it below each top corner of the frame..

Don't forget your drop shadows.

Open the sign that I made its in the supplies zip.

13.png resize 52%

16.png  duplicate it... have its layer below the sign.

Add a new layer.. move it to the very bottom of the layer palette.. fill with white

Merge the mask layer and the dot circles layers all together... click on the brush tool... and Find the clock brush.. that you put in your brush folder

As is.. the clock brush will be too big.. so resize it

'Stamp' the clock  onto the merged mask layers

remember if you stamp it in wrong place just UNDO.

#9. Merge all your layers like below..

Remember you need to have the frame layers separate...

be sure that you've applied the noise effect on each of the frame layers..

Have the top frame layer un hid... and hide the other two frame layer... have all the elements, and bkg showing.. right click on top of window and copy merged

#10. Open your Animation Shop  , Right click on it's desktop and paste as a new animation... Back to PSP and hide the top frame layer and unhide the 2nd frame layer.

right click on top of window and copy merged

Back to Animation Shop and right click on your new animation and paste behind current frame..

Back to PSP , Hide the  1st & 2nd frame layer Un hide the bottom (last) frame layer...Right click on top and Copy Merged

back to Animation shop and right click on the new animation there and paste behind current frame.

Check your animation... and see if it looks good... you have 3 frames to your new animation or should..

#11. Open the SimoneAni515-MNG.mng in your animation shop

Notice it has 18 Frames... you need to duplicate  the frames in your 3 framed new animation.. where it has 18 frames also..

so Ctrl + A to select all the frames.. click the duplicate frame button . If you click it 3 times it will duplicate your  3 frames to 24 frames which is too many.. if you do that

just delete frames till you have 18..

#12.  Select all frames in each animation...Click , Hold, and Drag F:1 of Simone's animation over to F:1 of your new animation.. then let go of mouse button

Check your animation if it all looks good.. Save as a GIF.. your done!!