Scrapkit for this tutorial is Vintage Wine by Crazy Carita.

Artwork of ęBarbara Jensen is also used

 License #BJ3511

This tutorial was made with PSP X7 and PS-CS3 for the text


WSL_Mask218  put in your mask folder

Mura Meister  Copies


#1. Open the red grapes in vineyard at sunset graphic that is in the supplies zip.

#2. Open a new image 900 x 900 pixels.  Open the el2.png (frame)  Copy and paste it to your new image window.

position the red grapes in vineyard jpg as you see  below.. Open pp2.jpg paper also and copy and paste it to your image window

#3. Using your magic wand tool select inside of the tri frame.. (making sure your on its layer)

#4. Selections/Modify/Expand 10 pixels  INVERT and delete on the red grapes in vineyard graphic layer and on the pp2 paper layer


#5. This gets rid of the areas out side of the frame. Like down below. Open el6.png and position its layer below the frame layer as shown below

#6. You can erase what is hanging over on the outside of the frame if you want.


#7. Open pp9.jpg (paper)  Copy and paste it over to working image. Layer/Load/ save mask / Load mask from disk

#8. Apply your mask to the paper layer... Merge/ group... Duplicate and merge down on the 2 mask layers.


#9. Open el24.png  resize 35% go to Image/ canvas size center justify  Use plugin Mura's copies on it..

Using the settings below. 

#10. Edge Effects/ Enhance on the circle of round elements  Copy and paste it into your working image . Drag the layer to right above the mask layer.

#11. Start adding the elements now.. Add your tube... most times I forget to mention

to add a 3D drop shadow on all elements that should be a GIVEN...:)

Open el16.png  resize 60%

el3.png  resize 60%

el14.png  resize 60%

el17.png  100%

el12.png  resize 60%  duplicated  mirrored, flipped

el27.png  resize 60%

el13.png  duplicated 2 times flipped, mirrored

el7.png 100%

El23.png  resized 60%

el5.png  duplicated and mirrored look at the finished tag for placement

el8.png  100%

 #12. Add a new layer...drag to the bottom of the layer palette.. fill with white...

(don't forget to add your copyright info..

#13. Merge all the layers but NOT the mask and white bkg..

duplicate the mask layer 2 times.. you should have 3 layers of mask there.

Shown below.

#14. Apply noise on each of the mask layers.

starting with 20%, 22% and 24% on each consecutive mask layer.

From the previous tutorial... we made the text for this tag... you can add it.. resize if you have to.. put it on the tag..

#15. Hide the 2 bottom mask layers and have all the other layers showing.. right top on image and COPY MERGED 

#16. Open your animation shop and right click on desktop and paste as a new animation..

back to PSP  hide the top mask layer and unhide the middle one.. right click on the top of window COPY MERGED

back to Animation shop and right cick on your new animation and paste behind current frame..

Back to PSP and hide that middle mask layer and UNhide the bottom mask layer.. Right click on top  Copy merged and over to

animation shop and right click and paste after current frame... Ctrl + A to select all frames... Animation/ resize.. I resized mine at 77%

 check your new animation and see if it looks right if so Save As GIF

Done with anudder animation !! lol

Toodles till next time