This is a Photoshop CS 3 Extended tutorial

When you work with text in Photoshop and apply styles to it.. you always want to start BIG.. all styles you

buy or snag are made for large font size.. after you get done then you merge the text with a blank layer and save as a png THEN you can resize it to fit what you made it for..

Start with new image at 16 inches x 6 inches, 300 Resolution , transparency

Below I will show you how I made the Text Wine country.. the font is Cider.. at 250px. Type your word in black... it don't really matter what color you make it.

after you type the text , click the check mark to apply then click on the FX

at the bottom of the layer palette to bring up the layer style box.. go though each tab using the settings I show.

Make sure you're on the correct tab on the left for the settings on the right.

Your gloss contour has to be made special and saved. Click on the small graph window. Try to reproduce the graph like below..

here is my graphic if you want to use it DOWNLOAD

Store it in appData//Roaming/adobe/CS3/Presets/contours

You have to make your own gradient too... click on the gradient in the lil window..

make sure you have the two colors you want in your gradient in the foreground and background color boxes.

I added a few more colors in my gradient.. a lighter pink and a light green..

Here is my gradient DOWNLOAD  Put it in AppData/Roaming/Adobe/CS3/Presets/Gradients

I used the same gradient for my stroke too.

Go to Image/Crop

Add a new layer

pull the new layer down to the bottom of the palette

Go to image/ merge /visible

Save as a PNG  your Done!!!

Hope you enjoyed this Photoshop tut..

Toodles till next time