I used the scrapkit 'Whoos Fooln Who' by Jumpstart Designs. You can purchase the kit at Pickleberrypop Store

The Mask I used: WSL_Mask235.jpg  found HERE.

I also used the artwork of ęSuzanne Woolcott. She doesn't sell her tubes anymore.. but must use

your license # with the ones you did buy before.. Mine # SW881

Put your mask in your masks folder.

No plugins needed for this tutorial.


#1. Open a new image 900 x 900 .  Open Paper_17 from your Whos Fooln Who kit.

Resize it 22%. Drag its layer over to your new 900 x 900 working image window.

#2. Layers/Load-Save Mask/Load from Disk, find the Mask you'd like to use.. on the drop down list.. Apply the mask

On the layers palette on top layer mask.. Merge/Merge group

#3. Open Element Mat_1.png . Copy and paste it over to your working image.

#4. Apply a 3D drop shadow on the mat.

#5. On your working image resize all layers 85%

#6.  Open Element Scatter_4.png and resize 40%.


#7. Copy and paste it onto your working image.

#8. Copy and paste the tube your going to use. Apply a 3D drop shadow on your tube.. V2, H3, Opacity 70, Blur 9, Black

#9. Choose your Preset Shape Tool/Ellipse

When you use the preset shape tool the results is always a VECTOR shape.. which can be edited.

# 10. Foreground (Outline) color black, background NULL.. (don't matter really about what color)  The Circle will later be deleted.

Draw you out a vector circle same size (lil bit larger) than the circle mat is.

This is what we are going to use to put the text on a path.

#11. Now click on your Text Tool.. Click on the vector circle line... when you see the rocker with the T on the bottom at the end of your cursor you can

click then type your text.. the text should be on the line as you type it.....Click hold and drag to select the text after your done typing what you want...

you can then choose the font, color and size of the text while its selected.

To get the text positioned in the right spot.. you might have to put some spaces BEFORE the Text or AFTER the next..

or make it smaller.. etc.

When I first clicked I clicked at about 2 o'clock, then started typing.

#12. On the layer palette... you should have the text and circle there on a Vector 1 layer.

Click the arrow as shown below.


#13. Hide the New Ellipse layer by clicking the eye. Right click on the top Vector 1 layer ( it has the text on it)

and Convert to raster layer.


#14. Your image should look like below... the circle is gone.. just the text remains on that layer.


Apply a 3D drop shadow to the text.

Here is what mine looks like below.


Next I put all the elements I wanted on it.. here is the list:

Flower_3   30%

Flower_5   25%

Flower_6   30%

Leaf_5      50% (duplicated, 1 flipped & mirred)

Ribbon_1  50%

Ribbon_3  40%

Owl_2   35%

All that's left is just positioning the elements the way you want... you can refer to my finished image on the top

of the page for how I placed mine..

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial...

Till next time