Kit I used for this tutorial is Fayette Designs ' Claus and Co'


Mask used is DDwintermask_10

supplies (mask and animation)


#1. Open dots_multi .jpg  paper... Shift + D to duplicate the window.. close original.

the copy is now your working image.. resize 80%. Right click on the layer palette and promote to background layer.

#2. Apply the mask using the settings  below.

#3.  Open the berry frame.. resize 37% Copy and paste it over to your working image

#4. Using your magic wand tool  click on the inside of the frame.. go to selections/ modify expand 5 pixels..

Open the lil circles turquoise paper and resize 80%  drag it's layer over to your working image below the frame layer

#5. INVERT the selection and CUT on the paper layer

#6. Open the element tree strips holly  tree  resize 35 % Copy and paste it over to your working image.

#7.  Open the Santa Clause element  resize 30%  Copy and paste it to your working image, place on the left of the tree

#8.  Duplicate the layer , be sure you DON'T move the layers any...using your selection tool (point to point)

select around Santa's right hand

#9  Copy and paste as a new layer.. on the santa's layer hit delete. Move the new pasted arm over to Santa's side.

Use the deformation tool to make the arm be up higher...(you're making him wave)

See below where the bottom of the arm doesn't touch his side.. Use your warp brush, settings below

#10 Pull down towards the side of Santa., so the arm will be connected to his side.

it should look like this below

Below is how your layer palette should look

HIDE the two layers of Santas  Right click on the image and do COPY MERGED

#11. Open your animation shop

This is a lil tricky.. so  here goes...

#12.. Right click on the desktop of A.S.  paste as a new animation...Duplicate this one frame.. till you have 22 frames.

Open the animation that was in the supplies zip. it should have 22 frames


#13. Back to PSP   Un hide one of the Santa layers...(there should JUST be a Santa showing on your image.)

COPY MERGED... over to animation shop and right click on the desktop and paste as a new animation..

Back to PSP  hide the one Santa that is showing and UN hide the other layer Santa.. right click on top

COPY MERGE.. back to animation shop... on the Santa animation paste BEHIND current frame.. so the Santa animation is only

two frames.. Ctrl + A to select the two frames.... duplicate till you have 22 frames..

You should have 3 animations on your animation shop desktop... the background animation, the blue swirl animation, and the Santa

animation... have all the frames selected.. Click hold and drag F:1 of the blue swirl animation.. over to F:1 of the background

animation.. you can tell by my finished animation where to place this.  Don't let go of your

mouse till you get it positioned like you want it. Ok when you have the blue swirl animation on the background animation.. and it looks

right. (check it first)  Now Drag F: 1 of the Santa animation over to F: 1 of your working animation. Position Santa to

the left of the tree... let go of mouse.. Check your animation.. to see if it moves and looks correct..

if all is well... Save As a GIF

Done!! WHEW!!