Font used in header 'Airmole'

Hi there... any resemblance to any other tutorial is a pure cowinkidink.. I wrote this tutorial April 25, 08

This was a PTU scrap set, You could get at Rendered Memories  called Ripe Watermelon . But Rendered Memories is closed down..

Please use this kit and tag for personal use only

The creator of the set is Roberta D'Achille  and I can't find her any where on the net.. so I am offering a Download of the kit HERE. 

If she minds she can contact me at and I will take the kit off .

 I also used the artwork of ©Elias Chatzoudis,

He now has his own store   My license for using this tube EAS13782

Below is what were working on today...

Here is the Mask I used for this project.. you can use one of your own if you want..


1. Open a new image 700 x 700 transparent background.. you can crop later.

Open the paper you want to use the mask on... usually they are 12" x 12"

 so reduce size 20% then copy and paste it on to your new image.

2. Apply your mask on the paper layer.  Use the settings below for the mask.

3.  Right click on the top mask layer and merge/ merge group.


4. Copy and paste your tube on to the new image..., the bow, watermelon slice..

 and one of the doodles. Duplicate the doodle layer and move it as shown..

 use the deformation tool to turn it in the correct position.

5.  Keep putting the doodles on the canvas as shown and use the deformation

tool to turn them in correct position. NOTE: when you use the deformation

 tool on anything you have to SHARPEN once on it.. or it will be blurry.

6. Apply a 3D drop shadow on your girl tube. Have it check where it puts the

 shadow on its own layer.. That way you can erase part of the shadow.. that's in the transparent part of the tube.

7.  Showing what part of the tubes 3D shadow to erase.

8. If you use this bow in this set... its semi transparent so will have to put the

3D shadow on its own layer.. and do the same.. erase part of the shadow

 under the transparent part of the bow.. NOT the edges.. so be careful how you erase.

9. Here is the 3D drop shadow setting for the watermelon slice.  Don't have to put the shadow on its own layer this time.

10.  Below shows all the elements positioned on the canvas..

where you want them...also...RENAME your layers so you wont get them mixed up.

11.  Don't forget the copyright info for your tag.

12. Merge/ visible every layer that's ABOVE the watermelon slice.....

then ADD a new layer.. drag to the very bottom of the layer palette...

fill with white.... merge/ visible all the layers BELOW the water melon slice..

keep the watermelon slice layer by itself.. on its own layer.

 Make sure your on the watermelon slice layer.. and right click on top of image and COPY.

13. Go to your Animation shop and right click on its desktop and paste as new animation.

There is just one layer there.. go up to Effects/ insert Text Effect.

14. These are the settings I used...see where the text is on the watermelon slice?

That's your goal is to get your text there.. you can type what ever you want...

it all depends on the font you use.. the size of the font... and what you type...

the more words you type.. the bigger the circle is of the words.

So you will have to tweak your settings. Just have your effects length and frames per second same as mine..

15. Once you have the circle of words where they are suppose to be..

you should have 14 frames but one hasn't got any text one it..

 its usually the first frame.. delete this frame.. so the animation won't jump.

16. Leave the watermelon slice open in Animation shop... go back to PSP.

17.  The layers you merged.. that are BELOW the watermelon slick.. be sure

 you're on that layer on the layer palette.. COPY go to Animation shop... right click on the desktop and PASTE as a new animation.


18.  Duplicate the mask N bkg frame... to same amount of frames that the watermelon has..

 it should be 13 frames..  so by clicking the duplicate button 5 times will give you 17 frames..

 you will have to delete 4 end frames though.. so you will end up with 13 frames.

19. Select ALL frames of the watermelon slice animation..  and ALL frames

of the bkg/ Mask animation... be sure your on frame ONE of the watermelon

 slice and drag it over to frame ONE of the bkg /mask animation..

position it in the correct place BEFORE YOU let go of the mouse button as your dragging it.. or you will have to UNDO and do it again


20. Go back to PSP and be sure your on the top layer that you merged that's

ABOVE the watermelon slice... that should have the bow.. tube etc on it COPY....

LIKE YOU did the bottom layers.. go to animation shop and right click on

the desktop and paste as new animation... duplicate that one frame.. till you get 13 frames..

Select all the frames.. and click and DRAG the #ONE frame *of the tube and bow etc*

  over to your working animation...position it just right.. before you let go of mouse..

or UNDO... I didn't make a capture of this last set.. cause its same as the other

preceding step.   Check your animation.. with the preview button.. if it looks good

then SAVE AS.. if something is wrong.. gotta start back at square one lol.. HOPE NOT..

Toodles till next time...