My finished Incredimail Letter HERE

Plugins used: Xenofex 2

I use PSP X 6 with this tutorial but any version will do.



The results of this tutorial can be used as a tag.. or as in the ending steps,

 I show how you can make it into an Incredimail letter.

This is a detailed and involved tutorial.. not for the faint of heart lol


#1. Open the file Waterlillies.psd. Shift + D to duplicate the window.. close the original

For making the tag , don't resize... You don't have to use this graphic of course

you can always use any picture/tube/mist.

the waterlillies has two layers.. you could change the bottom layer to any color.. what ever you like.

 #2. Use your rectangle tool set with the settings in the capture below.

 #3. Set your foreground bkg box to either a gold gradient or the gold pattern that's

included in the supplies zip.

  #4. Draw out a  gold rectangle like it shows below. The layer will be a vector, when done,  right

click on it and convert to raster layer . Make sure your new golden rectangle is positioned center of the image.



#5. Using your magic wand tool , click inside the new layer you just converted

to a raster ( gold rectangle) ,


#6. Then go to selections/modify/expand 3 pixels. Keep it selected.


#7. Add a new layer have it below the gold frame layer

 and apply a 3d drop shadow to the new blank layer,

#8. Merge the gold frame layer and the shadow layer.


#9.  Merge all layers (flattened)

Add a new layer.. be sure its on top. ( if you hold down the Shift Key as you add a new layer..

 the window won't pop up.. Saving you a step to close it)

#10. Fill this new layer with the gold pattern. Use these settings

#11. Selections/ Select all/,  Selections/Modify/ Contract  3 pixels

CUT or Delete. Select None..... Your image should look like this:

#12. Name this layer Frame 1   

 ( getting in the habit of naming your layers is a good one :)

#13.  We're going to do this 2 more times.. changing the settings on the pattern fill each time.

#14. Add a new layer. Fill with gold pattern using these settings


#15. Selections/ Select all/,  Selections/Modify/ Contract  3 pixels

CUT or Delete. Select None.....

#16. Add a new layer (this will be the 3rd frame layer)

Fill with the pattern using these settings:


#17. Selections/ Select all/,  Selections/Modify/ Contract  3 pixels

CUT or Delete. Select None..... Same as the two times before.

So at this point you should have 4 layers.. the 3 top gold frame layers and the bottom Waterlillies layer.

#18. Duplicate the bottom Waterlillies layer twice.. so that you have 3 layers of it..

 drag each of the frame layers down on top of each Waterlillies layer.. Merge down each frame to each Waterlillies layers

You should end up with 3 layers now...each with a gold frame on it.

#19. Highlight the top background layer and add a new layer.

#20. Use your pen tool/ round/1 pixel and draw some lines following her hair,

 dress & the water. You don't have to be perfect

when drawing the lines.. so don't worry that your shaky etc.

#21. Next duplicate this line layer 2 times where you end up with

 3 layer of lines and 3 layers of the background layer.

#22.   Highlight the top 'white lines' layer.

Go to your plugins/Xenofex 2/ Constellation and use the settings below.


#23. Click OK once you have the settings. Highlight the 2nd white lines layer and go to

your plugins/Xenofex 2/ Constellation again and dont change ANY settings just click the Random see button..

Click OK.

#24.  Now highlight the 3 layer of White lines and  repeat step #23 again clicking the random seed button.

#25.  Drag each layer of White lines above Background layers.. like below.. Highlight top white lines layer/ merge down.

Do that with each of the white line layers.. you should end up with 3 background layers.

#26. Open your animation shop... In PSP click on your top Bkg layer. Ctrl + C to copy

go to Animation shop and right click on the desktop of Animation Shop.. and paste as a new animation..

#27. Back to PSP  highlight the 2nd Bkg layer  Ctrl + C to copy that one.. back to Animation Shop

right click on the top of new animation window and paste/ after current frame.

# 28. Back to PSP , highlight the bottom bkg layer  Ctrl + C to copy it..back

 to Animation shop and right click on top of window /

paste /after current frame.

Click the vew animation button to check to see if it looks right.

#29. Go back to your PSP now.. open the WaterLillies.png  Shift +D to duplicate

Close original.  ( I have included a TextAnimation.mng if you don't want to do these steps for the text..

just open it in animation shop..)

#30. Duplicate the layer twice.. right click on the layer/ duplicate

You will end up with 3 layers.

#31. Highlight the top text layer .  Go to your plugins/Xenofex 2/ Constellation

#32.  You will do this to the other two text layers.. don't change

the settings just click the random seed button each time.

Take it to Animation shop like you did the other image.. following steps #26-28.

 In animation shop.. you should have two separate animations now.. the bkg tag animation and the text animation...

On each one of them click on each one of them and Ctrl + A to select all frames.


#33.  Above you can see that all frames on each animation are selected..  Click Hold and DRAG  F:1 of the text over

to the F: 1 of the Bkg animation.. do NOT let up on your mouse button till you position the text in just the right spot.

Click your animation view button .. to see if everything looks right..

If you messed up... UNDO (Ctrl + Z) and start it over..


Now if you want to make this graphic in a side type of Incredimail letter...

When you're making the above tag.. and before you take it to animation show.. while it has the 3 background layers to it..


#1. RESIZE that image 85% 

#2. Use your selection tool and make a selection excluding the top and bottom part of the golden frame. See below

Should look like this now

#3. Right click on the bottom layer and promote background layer


#4.  Go to effects/ image effects/seamless tiling. Use the settings below.

#5.  Add a new layer , drag to bottom of layer palette.

#6.  Highlight the new bottom layer. Go to Image/Canvas Size

Use settings below. Reason you make it so Wide so that it covers most everyone's

resolution of their monitors.

#7. Fill the new bottom layer with a coordinating color...

#8.   Hide the two bottom Background layers. See below

Just have the top background layer and the bottom filled color layer showing.

Right click on the top layer and copy merge , go to your animation shop

and right click on AS desktop/ paste as a new animation

#9.. Do the same to the other 2 background layers , hide all except the second bkg layer

and the bottom filled layer. right click/ Copy Merged

When you're done in AS.. you will have 3 frame layers.. Save As  .gif

#10. Open your letter creator in Incredimail

#11. On the BODY tab.. Click on IMAGE... and browse to your saved animated IM letter

Tile it, Choose your font , size & color.

Dont forget on the Footer tab..

 put your logo and/or whatever kind of copyright info you need..

Name it.. save it.. and your DONE!!... You can download my saved letter.. link is up at the top of this tut.

Toodles till next time..

Have fun!!