Here's a pretty easy tutorial on how to use the WARP brush in PSP 9 to make animations.

Open a 400 x 400 new image with a white background. Open a tube of your choice..

You can get the tube I used HERE

Copy and paste your tub on to your 400 x 400 canvas.

Apply a drop shadow to your tube using these

settings below.

Click your WARP brush tool   and have the settings as below

Put the brush tip over the bears mouth or what ever part your wanting to warp .

Here I pulled out a little, NOT much or it wont look right. It also blurs the area when you use

the warp brush on it and I don't like that so I always come back with a selection over just that area..

and go to Sharpen once.

On each one of these next pictures you will see the area.. I applied the WARP brush

on this one I used the EXPAND warp mode on the Warp brush..

and put it over his chest and clicked ONCE. To make it look like he's breathing..

Here I pulled up on the doggies mouth just a lil to make it look like he's smiling..

Remember you have 2 layers on the palette of these bears.. I didn't apply all these

 WARP brush effects on just one layer.. I put a few on one layer and few on another.. there is no set pattern for it.

On the Image below.. I applied a brush BEHIND the bear layers or UNDER

 on the palette on the background layer, to dress up this lil graphic.

Once you get the warps like you want.. you have one background layer and 2 of the bear layers..

 DUPLICATE the bkg layer one time.. and put a bear layer with a bkg layer and merge/merge

down then do the same with the other Bear layer and bkg layer. Ending up with

two merged layers... SAVE AS  ANIMATION PSP format *it wont be seen in

Animation shop if you just use pspimage format. ORRRR another way to do this..

is while your in PSP copy one of the layers go to Animation shop and PASTE as

new animation.. then BACK to PSP and copy the OTHER layer and back to animation

shop and right click on the new animation there and PASTE/ behind the current frame.

  EDIT/Select ALL and right click on one of the frames and go down to

Animation properties... and set the speed you want for the animation there...

WAALLLAA your done!!! Hope you enjoyed this tutorial

of 2005 Krafty Kreations

Here's the finished Graphic...


Toodles till next time