The scrapkit I used for this tutorial is Tiny Turtle Design's 'Vintage Afternoon'

The artwork of ęChris Pastel is also used her artwork is sold at TinyTurtleDesign's store

Name of the tube is Marianne.

DBV Mask32 is used also Put the mask in your mask folder

Plugin used: Alien Skin Eye Candy 5 Textures



I used PSP X 7 writing this tutorial  May 12, 2015


#1.  Open Element 19.png (frame)  Shift + D to duplicate window. Close the original this duplicated window will be your working image now.

#2. Image/ Canvas Size  900 x 900 pixels Center justify

#3. Copy and paste Paper 30.jpg over to your working image.

#4. Layers/ Load Save Mask/ Load from Disk.  Apply the mask to your paper.

Use the settings below.

#5. Merge group

#6. Duplicate the mask layer and merge down the two mask layers.

#7. Open Element 9.png Copy and paste over on your working image...position under the frame layer.

#8. Using your magic wand.. click inside the frame..

Selections/modify/ expand  20 pixels



#9. Copy and paste Paper 35.jpg over to your working image.. click Delete on keyboard

Apply a 3D drop shadow onto the frame

use these settings below.

#10. Open your tube and position her on top of the frame in the middle.

#11. Open Element 72.png Duplicate and Mirror.  Position at the bottom of the tube's legs

Apply a 3D drop shadow using the settings below. BTW (All elements have a drop shadow applied)

#12. Begin opening some of the elements your going to use..



#59.png Duplicated and mirrored

#91.png duplicated and mirrored

#61  resized 30 % Sharpen  duplicated 2 times (3 layers of the butterfly)

and any others you'd like to use..

#13. Below is sample of my layer palette... I merged all the top elements and tube

then merge the Mask and Glitter layer. Duplicate 2 Times.. (3 layers of it)

Added a new layer and dragged it to the bottom of the layer palette. Filled with white for the bkg..

refer to below.

Apply noise effect to each of the butterfly layers  20%, 23% 25%

#14.  Apply Eye Candy 5/ Texture Noise on EACH of the merged Mask layers

Use the setting below on the top of the bkg layers.. next apply this but click the RANDOM SEED on the next merged bkg layer

Do again on the bottom of the merged bkg layers... hit the RANDOM SEED BUTTON.

#15.. Image/ resize/ 80% to reduce the whole image size.

have the top butterfly showing... the Merged elements and tube showing the top Mask layers showing & and White bkg showing

right click on the top of the image and Copy Merge.

#16. Open your Animation shop.

right click on it's desktop and paste as a new animation.  Back to PSP hide the top butterfly and UN hide the middle butterfly layer. Hide the Top mask layer and UN hide the middle mask layer.  Right click on top and Copy Merged..

Back to Animation shop and right click on your new working animation and paste behind current frame.

Do the same with the bottom Butterfly layer, Bottom Mask layer.

Back in Animation shop... you should have 3 frames in your new animation... Check it to see if it all looks good then Save As a GIF.

taaa da.. you're done!!!

Toodles till next time..