PTU kit used in this tutorial 'Very Witchy 2...sold HERE

Artwork of ©Caron Vinson used #license CDO-2339

Mask DBVMask 136  put the mask in your mask folder

Supplies (sparkle Animation and Text)

#1. Open VeryWitchy2 paper 11.  Shift + D to duplicate window.. close original. The duplicate is now your working image.

right click on the bkg paper layer on palette and promote background layer  Resize paper 85%  have resize all layers UN checked.

#2. Apply your mask to this layer.. if you don't know how to do a mask.. refer to my Mask tutorial

#3. Use the settings below for your mask. Merge/ Merge group

#4. Use your deformation tool to enlarge the mask layer (K) on the keyboard brings up the

deformation tool... be sure its set on scale.

#5. Open the House element and resize 80% drag its layer over to your working image.

Apply the 3D drop shadow on it.

#6. Open the tube you are going to use.. and resize if you need to.

Drag its layer over to your working image. Put the 3D drop shadow on the tube.

#7. Open the element web  resize 80 %  drag the web over to your working image..  duplicate and flip.. position the web so

that its a circle in the middle.. right where her magic wand is pointing

see where the arrow is pointing? That circle area is where you will put the sparkle animation.

#8. Open the glitter splatter.. drag its layer over to the working image.. duplicate the layer  resize 80% sharpen.

Placement below.

#9. 0pen  the element bat resize 30% drag its layer over to your working image.

Open element pumpkin 1  resize 45% drag its layer over to the working mage.

open element kitty  resize 35%

open the candied apple  resize 33%

Don't forget to put 3d drop shadows on these elements.

You can merge all the top layers together now.. then merge the mask, white bkg... web, glitter layers together..

In PSP open the striped back ground paper and go to Image/rotate right... then close and save it..

for the animation... just have the background layers showing

Right click on top of image and Copy Merged

over to animation shop  right click on desktop and paste as a new animation.

Back to PSP. hide the bkg layers.. and show all the other layers. Have the bat on it's own layer that way... you can

move the bat down with each frame.

COPY MERGED THEN PASTE after current frame in Animation shop

COPY MERGED then pasted after current frame in animation shop

After you move the bat down the 3rd time.. do COPY MERGED AND OVER in animation shop

paste after current frame.  You should have 3 frames to your animation.

Open the blue sparkle animation.. see that it has 15 frames on it... duplicate the background animation to 15 frames..

on the new animation with 3 frames (bat moves)  select all frames and duplicate till it has 15 frames..

You should have 3 animations opened now... one with the backgrounds (mask layer) and the top elements animation (with bat)

and the blue sparkle animation.. all 3 of them should have 15 layers now...

you do this just like all the other tutorials that you have done of mine.. Drag F:1 of the blue sparkle animation over to the

center of the spider web animation.. to its F:1.  don't let go of the mouse until you position it where you want then let go of mouse..

now on the top element layers animation (with bat) Drag F:1 over to F:1 of your working animation..

below is instructions on how to make the text on your tag... in photoshop

First open the striped background paper you changed in PSP to sideways stripe   go to  Edit/ define pattern then close the paper..

it is now saved as a pattern to use in the pattern files

In photoshop this is how you make the text for your tag..

Create a new image  15 inches by 5 inches.. transparent  at 300 dpi

Type out the text you want... I used Antsy Pants size 92.  Highlight the text and click warp text.

Then choose Arc at+30 (use what setting you like) Click the Check button up at the top...

on the layer palette... choose the FX. it will open the layer style box.

On the pattern overlay choose the striped pattern you saved when you got into Photoshop


on the Bevel and emboss these are the settings below

Shadow settings below.

You can resize your 'Happy Halloween' text in PSP and put it on your working image.