Scrapkit used in this tutorial is Carita Creationz ' Venetian Rhapsody' sold at Dees Sign Depot

artwork ofęBarbara Jensen also used... my License to use BJ 3511

Supplies (Mask & animation) put this mask in your mask folder


#1. Open Paper pp7.jpg   Shift + D to duplicate the image.. close the original

the copy is your  working image. Right click on the papers layer and promote background layer.

#2. Go to layers/load-save mask/ load mask from disk..

find the mask that was in the supplies in the drop down preview window.. Use the settings below

WSL_mask 129.

 Merge/ merge group FLIP THE MASK.. where the red is at the bottom and the blue at the top.


#3. Go to Image/ Canvas size  900 x 900... center justify.

#4. Open f1.png  (oval frame) resize 85%... flip, copy and paste it over to your working image.

#5. Open pp 8.jpg and resize 75% copy and paste it over to your working image.. below the frame layer

#6. Use your magic wand tool and click on the inside of the frame area... go to selections/ modify/ expand 8 pixels INVERT

and cut or delete on the paper layer.. that will get rid of the extra paper on the out side of frame.

#7. Apply a 3D drop shadow on the frame V 4 H3 70%Opacity and 8.0 blur

Open element 31.png resize 80% copy and paste over to your working image. Sharpen twice. Don't put the shadow

on this element YET

Move its layer below the frame and red paper inside the frame.. layers

#7. Open element 5.png resize 60% copy and paste it over to working image. position to the right.. Use your deformation

tool to turn it some to the left.

Open element 2.png  resize 60%.. Sharpen once....copy and paste over to working image

#8. Open element 21.png (wings)  mirror.. copy and paste to your working image.. Position its layer below and left of the frame and red frame bkg

apply drop shadows to all elements.. that's a given unless otherwise stated :)

Open the tube you are going to use.. if you use the same one as I did  , resize it 80%

put its layer ABOVE the frame layer.. apply a drop shadow on now...

#9. select inside of the frame.. using your magic wand tool INVERT

erase JUST the bottom of the tube.. so it looks like the bottom part of her is behind the frame and the top of her head is on top of the frame.

it looks like this when you have done it correctly

#10.  Open element 28.png (letter) resize75% copy and paste it over to the left side of the image.. Use deformation tool

to turn it to the left..

have its layer below the frame, frame bkg, and wings

#11.Open element 14.png  (red spike flower) resize 45%

Open element 3.png (blue rose)  resize 50% copy and paste on top of red spike flower

Open element 3a.png (red rose) resize 45% copy and paste on top of  blue rose layer

Open element 13.png (blue spike flower) resize 45%  copy and paste it over to image... it's layer below the red rose layer.

Open element 18.png (grn leaves)  resize 60% put its layer below ALL the flower layers.. duplicate/ flip and mirror.

Open element 24.png (berries) resize 60 %  duplicate and mirror.. have its layers below the flowers and leaf layers.

Open element 7.png (gold metal heart) resize 45% sharpen  copy and paste it to your image.. move its layer to below all the flowers and greenery

Use the deformation tool to turn it to the left

#12.  Resize ALL layers now 88%  go to Image/ canvas size and make it 900 x 900 again.

Add a new layer and move it to the bottom of the layer palette.. fill with white

Use the deformation tool on the mask layer, enlarge it some.. where you can see all the points of the mask.

 Merge the Mask and the white background layer together.. Hide this layer

Hide the gold lace layer also.. Click on the top layer and merge / all visible layers..

Move the merged top layers up a lil so the mask can be seen in all directions.

My image was still too big so I resized 88% again :)

Then cropped it.. be sure you don't cut the tips of the mask off

Open the text element 33.png resize 65%also open  element 34 resize 65% and put both of the text words on the bottom

of the tag..

#13.  Duplicate the gold layer layer 2 times.. so you have 3 layers of it

#14.Apply noise effect on all 3 of the gold lace layers

25% 29% 34%


#15. put the 3d shadow on the element 31.png after you put the noise effect on it

V & H 2  42 % 3 blur.. black

#16. Open your animation shop now...

on the layer palette..

#17. Hide the 2nd and 3rd lace layers and .. Have the top #1 layer of the gold lace.. showing plus the

top layers and bottom mask and white background layer.. right click on the top of the image


over in animation shop right click on it's desktop and paste as a new animation

over in PSP hide the Gold lace 1 layer and un hide # 2 gold lace layer.

right click and COPY MERGE.. over in animation shop paste after current frame

Over in PSP hide #2 of the gold lace layer and UN hide #3 gold lace layer..

right click on top of image.. COPY MERGE...

over in animation shop... paste after current frame  You should have 3 frames to your new animation

duplicate the3 frames on your new animation ..till you have 15 frames

Ctrl + A to select all the frames of your new animation.. .


Open the mng animation that was in your supplies zip.. Notice it has 15 frames... Ctrl + A to select all the frames

duplicate the3 frames on your new animation ..till you have 15 frames also

Ctrl + A to select all the frames of your new animation.. .

Drag F: 1 of the sparkle animation over to F: 1 of your new animation from PSP.

Hold your mouse button down till you place it exactly where you want it then let up on the button.

Check the animation... if all looks well... Save As a GIF..

Done !