FTU Scrapkit 'Valentine's Babe' by Purple Dreams Scraps HERE

Direct Download HERE

WSL_Mask364  HERE  (put in your mask folder)

Written in PSP X7.. but can use any version.. with minor adjustments



#1. Open paper pp14.jpg  Shift + D to duplicate close original.. this is now your working image

#2. Image / canvas size 900 x 900  center justify

#3. Layers/ Load/Save Mask/Load Mask from Disk... find your mask on the drop down preview there on top left of

mask window. Use these settings below.. (Notice the fit to layer selected)

Merge/ Merge group

#4. Add a new layer (if you hold down the Shift key while you add new layer.. the layer box doesn't come up..)

#5. Fill the layer with white.

#6. Open hearts3.png drag its layer over to your working image.

On the hearts layer.. select all/ float/ defloat

#7. Apply EyeCandy's EC Impact/ Glass using these settings

#8. After you apply the glass setting.. duplicate the heart layer... and mirror and flip

In PSP 9 it will do it how it should look... in X4, X5, and X6  Look below

Your heart layers should look like this below.. You would use the purple flip and mirror.

not the blue ones.


#9. Open hearts.png  resize 80% apply the 3D drop shadow settings below

#10. Duplicate the double hearts layer 2 times.. so you have 3 layers of them.

on each of the layers.. apply Xenofex 2/ Constellation effect on them.. the first layer.. use these settings below..

then on the next two layers of them.. just click the random seed button..

#11. Open up heartpendant.png  resize 60%  drag its layer over to your working image window.

#12. Drag the pendants layer below the 3 layers of double hearts.

I also opened puppy.png  dragged it layer over to my working image window. Apply 3D drop shadow.

#13. Select your pen tool   with these tool options set like below . Use black for your forground color and NULL your background color.

set on Bezier curve   have connect segments checked... create on Vector checked. .Show nodes checked, line style don't matter really width 1.00

What we are doing is Text on a Curve.  This line will be deleted after the text is in place.

#14. Click on the left side where the text would be starting ( just click one time.. then .. click HOLD and DRAG over to right side of image window pulling up on

the 'handle' to make the curve.. don't make too steep or deep.

#15. Now click on your Text Tool put your mouse pointer right on the curve you just drew..

and when your pointer turns into a cross hair with rocker with a T in it.. click , then start your typing of what words

you want.

Notice the note up on the above image...after you do that.. with the Vector layers.. right click and convert to Raster.

#16. Your image should look like the one below... after you apply a 3D drop shadow to your text.


#17. Now time to open Animation shop.

On your layer palette..

Have the 2nd and 3rd layers of the Sparkle Heart layer hid... right click on top of image and copy merged

#18. over to Animation shop and right click on the desktop and paste as new animation.

back to PSP and hide the top sparkle hearts layer and UN hide the 2nd one.. right click on top of image and copy merged

over to animation shop and right click on your new animation.. and paste behind current frame.

Back to PSP and hide that middle (2nd) Sparkle Hearts layer and UN hide the 3rd sparkle heart layer and

right click and COPY MERGED AGAIN... over to animation shop.. right click on your new animation.. paste behind current frame..

You should have 3 frames to your new animation... Now you can crop it if you want and resize..

That should be it...Save as a GIF..

TOODLES till next time