I've included a zipped file of the tube I used.


First off, open your tube, Go to IMAGE/CANVAS SIZE the below sample is the canvas size box.. set your settings like these. If you use another tube you will have to adjust differently. just make sure its a lil bit wider and about twice the depth of the original tube size.
You just dont want any of the tube when you use the WAVE effect, for it to got OFF the edge of the graphic.. that wouldnt look good!!!
Set the placement to top middle..

On your layer palette, right click on the tube layer and duplicate the layer..

On the new bottom duplicated layer on the palette.. go up to IMAGE/FLIP. This layer is the one that you use for the water reflection.

IF you would like... you can rename this bottom reflection layer to help you keep it straight what layers are what..

Now duplicate the bottom reflection layer 2 times so you should have 4 layers altogether.. the top shells layer...and then 3 flipped shell layers.

Go to EFFECTS/DISTORTION EFFECTS/WAVES. Set the first reflection layer to these settings.

The next reflection layer the same as first time but the wavelength set to 45

last bottom reflection layer same except the wavelength set to 47

ADD a new layer on the palette and click and drag it down to bottom..right click and rename it white background.. fill that bottom layer now with white..

NOW is the time to adjust the reflection layers opacity if you want...to have the reflection light casted..*I've not shown this step* its done on the layers palette. you will see the opacity to the right of each layer. I set mine at 50%..*NOT SHOWN*

You've got to duplicate the white bkg layer two times so you'll have 3 white layers, ALSO duplicate your top SHELLS layer 2 times so youll have 3 of those too.. drag the layers down so that you will have from bottom to top.. white bkg, a reflection layer and a shells layer then white bkg layer, a reflection layer and shells layer AGAIN white bkg layer, reflection layer, lastly on top a shells layer.
your layer palette should look like the one below..

Hide all layers but the three your wanting to MERGE VISIBLE....Merge VISIBLE each set of 3 so you will end up with 3 merged layers on your palette.


Then you open this new image in animation shop, Go to EDIT/SELECT ALL...*all the frames should be selected with the blue around them*, right click on any frame and go down to FRAME PROPERTIES, and set it to 20. this is the speed of the animation.. you dont want it too fast or it wont look like water.. default speed is 10.. and thats too fast for this..

All you have to do now is SAVE AS .gif and your DONE!!!! Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.. and HOPE I made it clear for you...GOOD LUCK :) Toodles

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