Good place to get templates.. at Dangerously Delicious blog

There are alot of blogs that have them.. do a search for tag templates..

Might find some on Pinterest

This Template I am using


The kit I am using is a freebie from Sweet Shop store.

HERE called Collect Moments


  Below is the capture of what the layer palette looks like with this template I am using.. all are different of course

and have diff amount of layers..

 You can use any scrapkit.../ background papers etc.. to work on making a tag with tag templates...

it doesn't matter if you start on the bottom layer.. top.. or in the middle.. where ever you want

I started on the Brown Circle layer... the way I'm showing you how to do this... is how you do EVERY the template. So there is

no need for me to go through the steps over and over :) will show you the one..

Never fill on the pre-existing  layer it's self  always.. ADD a new layer above the one you're working on.

NOTE:  There are two ways to do this...You can use either way.. which ever is easiest for you to do...

 #1. add a new layer above the brown circle layer (whatever the layer is named.. and fill with the paper pattern.

 OR #2.  copy and paste the paper your wanting the shape to be... on a layer above the brown circle layer or whichever

one your working on..... INVERT the selection.. and CUT on the pasted paper layer..

Then you delete the original Brown circle layer..


You need to put some thought into what papers to put where...make a plan before you start

Like what tube your going to use.. etc..

I hope this helped you in using Tag templates..


Toodles till next time.