In this tutorial I thought I would demonstrate how to use the selection tool.

I will be using version PSP X 6 ... it has some new cool selection features that come in handy with your projects.

All versions of PSP's main selection tool works the same.. just the two new selection tools

that are in versions X 5 & X 6 and probably in X 7 , are different... I haven't checked X7 out yet

I've supplied the two tubes I used for the demonstrations . They're for personal use only.. shared from groups.

Supplies HERE

( Be sure and read what I put on the captures too.. it explains more what I was doing.)

#1. Open the tube you're going to use, Shift + D to duplicate, close the original. You can use any graphic you want..

but thought you might want to use the same tubes I used.

#2. Below I'm using the circle selection. Start in the center of the eye and pull outwards till you come to the edges of the eye.

if you make the selection too big right click out side of the selection, the selection disappears and you start again. If

you right click on the inside of the selection you can hold the mouse down and move the selection..

which is NEW to PSP.. I love that.. it's  like Photoshop.

What I was wanting to do is recolor the cat.. but didn't want the eyes re-colored.

So I selected the eyes/ inverted the selection.. then used the colorize tool (Shift + L)

( Keyboard shortcuts is really a great thing to learn... it makes steps easier & quicker.)



#3. Here is the first way I make a frame... lets do a circle one..

Draw out your circle selection, using your selection tool/ circle

starting in the center of your canvas, pull outward. Once you have your round selection

fill the selection with a color or pattern.

While its still selected go to Selections/Modify/Contract.

However wide you want your frame... contract it that many pixels..

I choose 24 pixels, now click delete on the keyboard.

Ctrl + D to un select. You can now add shadow, textures, bevels..

etc on it. Ok that was first way to make a frame.


(Here is the 2nd way to make a frame and I'm sure there are more ways.. this is just the two I use most often.)

#4. Before you start drawing your circle selections.. so that your circle is perfectly centered...

Add a new layer,  using the round paint brush.. size 16 brush. While your on the dot layer go to

objects/align/center in canvas to center that dot.

 Add a new  layer on top of the dot layer, Using your circle selection on the dot hold and drag out to draw your

 circle selection. The dot just helps with centering it.

#5. Now for the inner circle. hold down your Ctrl key on the keyboard and position your cursor in the middle

of your selection or on the dot.. pull out the circle stopping short of the first circle selection, let go of buttons.. you should have two

selection lines when done like below.

Fill the space between the two circles ( with color or pattern ) to make the frame.. that's it..

Sample of some frames.. on the brown one I didn't start the second circle exactly in the center.. kind of to the side.

I applied bevels and 3d drop shadows on them too.



#6. Below is a way of selecting something that is too close to another image or attached to the head of the can.

Use the Freehand selection tool/Point to Point. You click and drag the selection line around what areas you want.

#7. I set the smoothing to 6 below on the tool options bar.. the higher the number the more it smoothes or rounds the lines you draw.

This technique come in handy when you have a bunch of pngs on a page all together and are too close to use the rectangle selection.

setting it on point to point (usually smoothing set to 0 ) you click and drag the selection point to point around the object.

#8. Below is how your select certain areas within an object using your magic wand selection tool

I wanted to select the cats stripes to change their color.. use the magic wand, set to ADD... tolerance to 17 in this case..

 might have to change the tolerance depending on the image your working on. The lower the tolerance number the

less colors the wand picks up.. with in that color range, the higher the tolerance number the more colors it picks up.

When I set the tolerance to 20 it was selecting the tan part of the cat outside of the stripes area, which I didn't want.

Also where I have the arrow pointing clicking once didn't get all of the didn't pick up the darker pixels.. so

sometimes you have to click more than once to select the area your wanting to select.

How to take off background color and ' tube' an image.

In other words take the white off and leave the image with a transparent bkg..

#9.  First you need to go to the layer palette and right click on the background layer and promote background layer..

if its a flattened image, like a jpg

Set the magic wand tool to ADD, Contiguous checked and Feather on 2

Figure out which tolerance setting you need on your magic wand tool, every image is different

 Click on the white.. if it selects part of the cat.. then you'd

have to adjust the tolerance number. Keep tweaking the number ,

when its selected all the white and none of the cat areas, that's the right tolerance.

Go to Selections/ INVERT   DELETE on the keyboard.

#10. Your new tube should look like below.. Ctrl + D to select none. Save as a PNG

I always check my new tube by putting a 3D drop shadow on it.. if it don't look smooth all the way around..

I Ctrl + Z several times and undo it all and either reset the tolerance or bump

 the feather up to 3.. try again then check with the shadow..

When you save your new tube.. don't forget to save it WITHOUT the  drop shadow..


These are the new selection tools that are offered in PSP X 6.. not sure if they are in X5

I supplied this wolf tube in your supplies zip.. Open it Shift + D to duplicate and close original

#11.  If you wanted to select the wolf laying on the rocks and nothing more.. This is how I'd do it

This was new to me.. so I experimented a lil and come up with this.

Use the new Auto Selection tool first. Click and hold down mouse,

drag over wolfs back over to where the rocks end.

Obviously we want the wolfs head selected too.. but the auto selection wont get that good, so change to

the smart selection brush now. Make sure your set to ADD mode on the tools option bar.

Click on the wolf parts that's not selected.. Neck, face, ears.. with multiple clicking you

will have the rest of the wolf selected... INVERT the selection and CUT/delete.

in the beginning of this you could of set your feather to 2 or 3.. to soften the edges.. i didn't do this though

You should end up with this below.. just the Wolf and rocks selected.


These are but a few ways to get selections done.. I hope this helped clearing some things up for you..

till next time