Updated Dec 3, 2014

Before you start collecting all your plugins for PSP.. you will need these 10 .dll files for your plugins

 to work. (for up to Win 7) Extract them into your Windows/System or System 32 folder. *depends on what version

of Windows you have.. some have both. Put them in there loose.. NOT in a folder!

You can download them HERE

Where you put all your plugins is very important... do NOT put them in any PROGRAMS folders!!!!

A Jasc software *creators of PSP* tech told me this on the phone.. back when Jasc owned PSP

 When you install PSP 8 or 9 it puts a folder in your my documents  either a mypspfiles or

 mypsp8files folder. You make a new folder named plugins.

With newer versions like PSP X5 & X6 when installed it will put a Folder in your documents by the name of

 Corel Paint Shop Pro.. inside that.. a 5.0 or 6.0 depending what version you installed of course.  You would make a plugins folder inside that folder..

Some plugins can be extracted into your plugins folder while others need to be installed.

( make sure when you install them you double click on the plugins folder where it OPENS,

where you can see inside it.. if you don't it will install them outside of your plugins folder and PSP will not be able to see them.)

 File extension on a PSP plugin is .8bf, only kind that work with PSP.  You need to check PSP's preferences

 in the file locations.* under file*. and select the plugins on the left side and ADD a new location for all your new plugins..

 this is showing PSP WHERE to look to access all your plugins. If you notice I have so many plugins..

 I have like 6 locations on diff hard drives where I have plugins stored.. It seemed they load faster for me.

. than in just one folder.. maybe cause I have so many. For the most part..

most people don't collect as many plugins as me.. But if you had 100s like me.. they do load faster if put in other locations on your computer.

When I find a plugin I want... I download it into a temporary folder. Then extract the .8bf files into my plugins..

 and the .EXE plugins that have to be installed.. I install them into that same folder from the temp folder where I downloaded them to.

Here are where I get all my plugins


For SOME reason.. some plugins will NOT work.. unless you convert them using the Plugin Commander pro

or lite version.. you can get this on The Plugin Site listed above.

When you get into Plugin Commander.. Browse on the left and find your plugins folder.. and then click

 the CONVERT button... make sure it saves them BACK into your PLUGINS folder..* you will have to browse then set the location *  Then those plugins will work.

Before you see your new plugins you installed/extracted.. you will have to close PSP then reopen it.. unless you had it closed to start with :-)

To see/use your new plugins go to Effects/Plugins.. the list will be there... If you got a new plugin and its not showing up..

 then you've not installed it in right place.. or converted with Plugin Commander.. or downloaded the two DLL

files from above. Or in preferences told PSP WHERE to look for your new plugins...Usually its always

OUR fault why they don't work.. few times.. its something wrong with the plugin its self.. if you have tried

everything you can think of.. then reinstall the plugin if its the .EXE type.. don't worry that its gonna put it in

there twice it will just overwrite the first one you installed...and usually fix your prob too..


A lot of people I know have said I've installed it and its NOT on my plugin list.. well sometimes the

 prob is as simple as this.. they're not looking under the right name... for instance... Super Blade Pro is under

Flaming Pear... and Filters Unlimited is under < I.C. NET software> So watch for that...look good on your plugins list..

As you can see.. I have a FEW plugins.. ha..

I know this seems like alot of pain to have your plugins BUT trust me.. its worth it.. you CANT have

too many plugins.. they are invaluable in my thinking... a GOT TO HAVE THANG.. :-)

Hope this has helped...you with your plugins...till next time