Scrapkit I used in this tutorial was Seaside Holiday by Pimp'd Designz  NO clue where she is now.. her blog has been taken off line... Store is lame :) and this kit isn't in there...  being I can't find

it anywhere I am going to put a download for the kit HERE

I used the artwork of ©Caron Vinson You must have a license to use  Mine is CDO-2339

MPM_mask57 and Supplies from HERE

Animation Shop 3.0 is used for the underwater animation.


I started off applying the mask on pd12-03.png paper. After you apply it... and merge group... I duplicated the layer.. and merged down..

that way you have two layers of the mask merged together so that its not so see through

You can start moving all your elements over to your working image now... arrange them like you like... do NOT forget to put your 3D drop shadows on each one..

II wont go into much detail with these steps.. This time I am going to assume you're not a beginner in PSP.. usually something I don't do....Refer to the below picture as to placement. When done merge visible all the top layers of the elements

place your pothole where you want.. use the magic wand to select inside of the pothole  modify/ and expland out 5 pixels or so... place your underwater picture blow the pothole layer

select the underwater pic and invert the selection on the inside of the pothole frame then highlight the underwater pic frame and Cut.. or delete...

your image should look like the one below.

Now hide all the layers even the mask layer and the white bkg layer you filled on the bottom.. under neath all the layers.

I also put another picture of another mermaid in the middle of the porthole frame...+3D drop shadow on it.


 hide all layers except the underwater circle...have it selected/ float and unfloat...Right click on the top of the image and COPY MERGED  Open your animation shop and right cick as a new animation on the AS desktop


go to Effects/ Insert Image Affect go to the cusomize button and pull out the waves lik I have it below.. Apply Sunlight Dappling checked... after you set it like below... and apply it..DELETE THE LAST FRAME THERE should be 20 frames to the animation....cause it doesnt apply any effect on it..

There are 20 frames in your round underwater image. Go back to PSP and unhide all the elements (elements from the porthole up.)

Right click on the top of the image and copy merged

Back to Animation shop right click paste as a new animation.. duplicate the new animation (top layers) till you have 20 frames.


COPY MERGE and over to animation shop and duplicate it till you have 20 frames select all all in your round animtion... copy F:1 of the top layers



Duplicate this new animation of the tope layers... till you have 20 frames... select all frames... click, hold and drag F:1 layer over to F of th round underwater animation that you put on the mask layers.Check your animation now to see if it looks alrigaht.. if not UNDO and start again

Save as a GIF..

HOpe you enjoyed this tutorial

Toodles till next time!