I have to say Twisted Brush Pro is one of the coolest programs out there to me... its a stand alone program, not really a plugin, can't be used inside of PSP. BUT you can design your bkgs, or masks.. etc inside of TB, then save them to .jpg format and open into PSP use it just like you would a tag back or background layer.. designing on top of it.. with tubes etc.

Here is the main site for the program HERE

When your in the program.. if you go to HELP and go to tutorials.. there are some Video Tuts on it.. NOT enough lol but some. There is lots more to Twisted Brush than meets the eye.. You can actually 'paint' real art works with it.. *check out the Pixerra gallery online* But for all the OTHER ones out there that can't paint lol *that includes me* you can still create some stunning results..

Below I have parts of the Twisted Brush workspace numbered.. and will explain those.

 #1 Is the paper selection drop down.. TB has a wide assortment of paper textures to use.. in TB version 15.03 that I have there are 104 paper textures to pick from.

#2 This is your Brush shortcuts... you can have up to 9 brushes on each of the B1 - B 6 buttons.. ready to use.. there are more than 3000 brushes within Twisted Brush.. yep a Brush persons DREAM.... I've 'played' for hours going through every brush to see what it did and looked like.. lol

#3. Is the brush controls or adjustments like Size...Density... Opacity.. the lil box at the end of them that says Stylus.. and you can check or uncheck.. that's for those of us that have a Wacom Tablet.. Pretty nifty huh. I forgot to put a number on the 6 control buttons above the brush controls...   Shape of brush..... etc  these are brush Modifiers.

1st from the left is the Shape of the brush, 2nd is the rotation of the brush, 3rd is size of brush, 4th Textures, 5th Pattern brushes and 6th Modifies the selected brush

#4. Is the layer palette, click the lil black arrow there to the left the layer control box pops up and you have the options to merge.. make new layers etc just like PSP. Or to create a layer just click on a block.

#5 TB comes with 8 different Palette types. depends on what kind you like to use.. there is also a mixing palette where you can mix your own colors.. I use P1 most times myself.. Notice the 4 color blocks right above where it has layer background there below the #7.. Most of the brushes use more than one color.. you can change the colors in these blocks and change the whole look of the brush..

I skipped #6 lol... ok this is the tools bar...if you run your mouse over them.. it will tell you what they are...

NOTE: the fill tool doesn't work like our fill tool in PSP it does NOT fill in color on something transparent or that has no color in it.. it only changes existing color to another color.. you would have to PAINT color into something.

There are mask tools that are really detailed.. as to what they can do.. to make a mask of something.. keeping the color from going into a masked area.... Up on the top of the page where the words are.. File, Edit, Page.. etc.. they are all very self explanatory. it has a few filters built into it. like the blurs.. etc..

Paper texture drop down

When you click on one of the arrows at the end of the loaded brush.. it opens the brushes palette.. make sure it shows all.. that way you can choose what ever brush you want to use..

Below is the Brushes palette opened.. as you can see there are many many collections to choose from... its heaven let me tell ya!!!!

Below is just a few things... I made to show you.. few butterflies...a flower and some bkgs... there is soooo much you can make with this program... I cant begin to tell you what.... you will just have to roll your sleeves up and jump in with both feet and go to town.. I hope I've spurred you on to try Twisted Brush..

Oh yea... when you get finished and are ready to save.. use the Save to Image EXPORT.. and save as a .JPG or what ever you would like...

this one here below.. is something you can do to make a tag back. save it and open in PSP and add your tube and text..

Backgrounds for pattern fills or web pages, or stationery..

Here is 2 Masks

Try this program if you can.. its way cool