A FTU kit by A Space Between ' t Was the Night'

The kit is not available at her blog anymore soooo I uploaded it.. so you can download



Christmas Graphics by Trina Clark 'Christmas Thyme1'

Plugin needed EyeCandy Xenofex 2/ Constellation


#1. Open RibbonFrame2.png   100% size  Shift+D to duplicate window.. close original.. duplicate

window is your working image now.

#2. Open Paper13.jpg...(If you saved the Tagger kit the bkg papers will be 800 x 800 or so..

 if you saved the full sized the papers will be 3600 x 3600  you will have to resize it 22%.)

Copy and paste the paper over to your working image, drag its layer to the bottom on the layer palette.

#3.  Use your deformation tool and pull in the paper edges IF YOU NEED TO.. if you didn't do this step and the

paper was off the edges then you applied a mask to the paper layer, the mask would be cute off on the sides and

that is a NO NO..

Below is what it should look like.

#4. Apply your mask to the paper layer.  Merge/ Merge Group on the 3 mask layers on the layer palette

 Using deformation tool pull out edges of mask some if you need to. So that you can see it all around the edges

under the frame layer.

#5. Use your magic wand tool and click on the center of the frame layer.. (have frame layer highlighted on the layer palette.)

#6.Go to Selections/Modify/ Expand/ 9 pixels  INVERT

#7. Open paper17.jpg or any paper you like.. Resize it 22% if its a full size paper..

Copy and paste it into your working image. It's layer should be below the frame layer on the layer palette.

While its layer is highlighted hit delete or cut. That should cut / delete all the extra paper on the outside of the frame.

#8. Select None... Apply a 3D drop shadow now to the frame.

You working image should look like this below.

#9. Now to add all the elements you want on this working image.

Cane1.png  100% size.. duplicate and mirror the duplicated one.

Flower1.png  Flower3.png  100% size

DoubleBow4.png   100% size

Candy.png    100% size

Ilex2.png    17% resized  I erased the stem off.

PotPourri2.png   100 % size

Tree1.png    18%  resized

Then I added some of Trina Clarks clipart to the working image

#10. I Duplicated the Mask layer 2 times... so that I have 3 layers of it..

Added a new layer.. dragged it to the bottom on layer palette... filled it with white.

HIDE the 3 mask layers and the bottom white filled layers by clicking the EYE off..

#11. Merge/ Visible all the layers from the paper layer behind the frame and UP..

Look at the layer palette in the sample below.. Yours should look like it.

#12. Now hide the top merge layer.. with all the elements/frame on it... UNHIDE the TOP mask layer and highlight it in the layer palette.

#13. Go to Effects/Alien Skin Xenofex 2/ Constellation and apply this to the top of the mask layers.

#14. Hide that layer and UNHIDE the next mask layer down (middle one).. Use the SAME settings just click the

Random Seed button once.

Hide the middle mask layer and UNHIDE the bottom mask layer.. back to Xenofex 2/ Constellation click the Random Seed button again.

Click on the top of the working image window and COPY MERGED

#15. Open up your Animation Shop.  Right click on the animation window/ paste as a new animation...will be just ONE frame there

Back to PSP and hide the top mask layer.. and UNHIDE the middle layer... right click on top of window.. COPY MERGED

Back to Animation Shop.. right click on the new animation and paste behind current frame..

Back to PSP.. Hide the middle mask layers and UNHIDE the bottom mask layer.. top of image COPY MERGED

Back to Animation shop.. Right click and Paste behind current frame.. you should end up with 3 frames there..

 click the animation button to check your new animation to see if it looks right.

if it don't close the new animation and start over with the copy merging in PSP

You might want to resize the animation.. like 75% Go to Animation/ Resize

Check to see if it looks right.. and twinkle fine..if so... Save As a GIF..

You're done!!

Toodles till next time.. :)