Hi once again. This tutorial uses several plugins.

Toadies, FM paint engine and The Plugin Galaxy/edge tool

They all can be found HERE

Hi there.. this tutorial uses 3 different plugins I've included the zips for you up above.

Pick out a tube you would like to use... click your dropper tool pick out a few coordinating

 colors that are in the tube.  Open a NEW image 400 x 400 and flood fill with which ever color you'd like at the back ground color.

Go to your EFFECTS/Plugins/Toadies/Ommadawn

Use these settings below for your Ommadawn plugin


Once you have the squares on the graphic like in the Ommadawn capture above..

You click your fill tool  and choose your colors from the tube and fill at random the squares

 like in the sample below. There is no set pattern... just try not to get the same color next to each other...

Use light and dark shades that blend together with the tube your using.

Now go back to EFFECTS/plugins/toadies/Bitches Crystal. Default settings and apply the effect twice.

This is what it should look like after applying the plugin 2 times.

Next go to EFFECTS/Fantastic Machines/Paint Engine

and use these settings below

ADD a new layer now and fill with one of the matching colors you had picked out

for the squares in the background. Make sure that top layer is selected and

go to EFFECTS/plugins/ The plugin Galaxy/EdgeTool/Wobble Edge and use these settings as shown below

EFFECTS/3D effects/Inner bevel.. use these settings below

Effects/ 3D effects/Drop shadow using these settings below

That does it.. you can add a frame if you'd like at this point... Like I did in my graphic, by going

 to IMAGE/add a border.. you can put several different color ones.. add a bevel and shadow

to the frame... or you can go to IMAGE/ picture frame and pick a premade frame..

 that you think looks good with your image.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial...

Toodles till next time!!