Used for this tutorial is a FTU freebie kit  from Carita Designz ' Touch of Pink'

Poser is by ©Natalia Tubes  License # PFD_Swt60 .

Word art HERE

This tutorial was written using PSP X9 on Oct 24, 2016

Plugin used is Eye Candy 5 Impact/ Textures/ Texture Noise


#1. Open element 23.png  Shift + D to duplicate it.  Close the original the copy is now your working image

go to Image/ Canvas size  make it 900 x 800 center justify.  Duplicate the image and mirror it.

pull them apart some then merge the two layers together.

#2. Open fr2.png (round silver frame) resize it 86%  C & P it over to your working image.

Add a new layer below the frame layer, go to selections/ select all

Open pp6.jpg (green paper) Right click on top of its window and COPY

Click on your working image window and right click and paste into selection.

Select none.

#3. Use your magic wand tool and on the layer palette select the frame layer and click the wand

in the center of the frame to select it. Go to Selections/ modify/ expand 10 pixels  INVERT

now CUT or delete on the paper layer. Apply a 3D drop shadow on the frame

H=0 V=5  Opacity 60 Blur=10  black color  Use this setting on all elements

#4. Open element 3.png (silver color?)  C & P it to your working image below the frame layer.

One side of it is round so put that next to the frame just where it wont show.  Duplicate it and mirror.

Add a new layer on the bottom of the layer palette and fill with white.

Use your deformation tool to pull out the mask some... be careful not to pull out where it goes over the edges of the image.

#5. Open the tube your going to use and position her in the frame... erase what hangs over..

#6. Open element 1.png (pink rose) resize 45% duplicate

Open element 7.png (leaf cluster) resize 70%  duplicate and mirror... put each leaf cluster under each rose.

You might have to use the deformation tool to turn them where they look best.

Open element 10.png (pink bow) have it's layer on top of palette.Use deformation tool to turn it some to the right.

#7.  Open element 13.png (green crochet)  C & P  it over to above the silver decos

Do not put a 3d shadow on the silver sides... but put a shadow on the crochet.

Make sure on the layer palette.. that you have the crochet layers below the green paper in the frame. where they don't show.

#8. Be sure that the sliver sides are even... and the crochet pieces are even across. It wont look right if you don't get them

straight across from each other.  C & P the word are that is in the supplies zip to your image.

You can crop now if you need to.  I resized all my layers 88%

#9. I also merged all visible layer about the silver deco...Leave the silver deco on it's own layer and duplicate it once

I merged the pink layer on bottom with the white background layer. Your layer palette should look like mine here

#10.I applied Alien skin Eye Candy 5/ Textures/ Textured Noise on EACH of the silver deco layers. One the top one use these settings

on the next one.. Click the Random Seed button.

#11.  Open your animation shop. In PSP have all layers showing but hide one of the sliver layers . Have one showing..

Right click on the top of the window and COPY MERGED. Over in animation shop right click on it's desktop and paste as a new animation

back in PSP  hide the silver deco that was showing and un hide the other one.

Right click and COPY MERGED Over in Animation shop paste behind current frame.. Your animation should have just 2 frames to it.. check it and see if it look correct.. if so..

Save as a GIF