Scrap kit I used for this tutorial is  Fayette Designs ' Totally Autumn'  you can purchase the kit HERE

WSL_Mask84.jpg is used

Falling Leaves animation


#1. Open texturedmoss.jpg paper  Ctrl + D to duplicate the image.. close original and the duplicate is now your working image.

Resize 90%  promote to background layer. Apply the mask to the green paper. Merge / Merge group

Open Texturedred.jpg resize 90% and drag it to your working image.. Apply the same mask you used before.. to paper.. do the same way...

have the Red paper below the green paper.

 #2. Open Scatter5.png  resize 25%  copy and paste it to your working image.

#3. Open   resize 30%  lets change its color

colorize it using the settings below.

#4. Then go to Adjust/ Brightness and contrast/ Curves


#5 Use your magic wand.. set on 20 tolerance... 0 feather. s, ADD. click on the inside of frames

#6. Copy and paste the oldnews.jpg paper over to your working image.. position layer below the frame layer...making sure its covering the inside of the

frame windows..

#7. Go to  selections/ modify.. expand 3 pixels...INVERT selection.. and CUT on the old news paper layer..

it should look like below.. then apply a 3D drop shadow on the frame...

#8. I opened branch1.png and resize 15% put them in the top and bottom frames..

#9. then opened the owl (20%) i wanted and the crow (40%). .positioned them on the limbs in the frame

#10. Open apple2.png resize 20% put it in the middle frame... when done putting in the pngs in the frame.. merge all the frame layers.. and use

deformation tool to turn it.

#11. Open Scare crow 2.png  resize  27%

#12. Resize ALL layers 85% now... then go to Image/ canvas size 900 x 900 center justify... add a new layer and drag to the bottom

of layer palette... fill with white. Your image should look like below

#13. Open I like fall2.png resize 27%

#14. I wont go through the steps but just add the elements you want on your image... when done adding

merge all the TOP layers... then merge the mask layers, scatter layer plus the white bkg.. layer to one..

#15.  hide the top layers.. on your working image and right click on the top of the window.. COPY MERGED

#16. Open your animation shop   Right click on the animation desktop... Paste as a new animation.

#17. Also open the falling leaves. mng  that you downloaded at the top of the page.

#18.Notice it has 16 frames to the falling leaves...Duplicate the new animation ... that you just pasted as a new animation .. till you get

16 frames also. (clicking the duplicate frames button 5 times will get you 17 frames.. just delete one of them)

 #19. Ctrl + A to select all the frames in EACH of the 3 animations... Click hold and drag F: 1 of the leaves animation

over to the F:1 of the new animation (mask bkg layers)...position the leaves kind of to the top and left...NOT above the masked area...

#20. Over in PSP... hide the bottom merged layers and un hide the top merged layers... RIGHT click on the top of the window

and COPY MERGED..  over in animation shop  right click on its desktop and paste as a new animation... duplicate  the top layers till you have 16 frames..


#21. When you have duplicated the top merged layers to 16 frames... you Ctrl + A to select all frames..

Drag F:1 of the top layers over to your working animation that you are building.

Check your animation   IF something is wrong.. UNDO on each of the animations. if it looks ok.. Save As a GIF.

This finishes this tutorial...Done..

Toodles till next time