I used Kissing Kates Beautiful.PTU Scrapkit for this tutorial ' Tiny Dancer'

The tube used is a bonus tube from ŠPinup Toons

This tutorial is written in PSP X 6. Sept 7, 2015

Plugins: Mura's Copies

Xenofex 2/ Constellation

WSL_Mask220 used

Direct Download


#1. Open Element 10.png shift + D to duplicate.. close original. the duplicate is now your working image

  resize 55%  , Sharpen.   Go to Image/ Canvas size  900 x 900 Center justify

use Mura's Copies filter on this note heart.

Use the settings below

#2.  Apply a 3D drop shadow on the paper hearts..  V=2  H=2  55% opacity  Black   6 blur

#3. Open Paper3.jpg and Paper5.jpg  Drag the purple paper over to your working image first..Apply the mask to the purple papers..

#4. Merge/ Merge group.. then drag Paper5 over to your working image... apply the same mask to the peach paper..

#5. Duplicate both mask layers.. layer pallet should look like this

Your image should look like below. Merge ALL  the mask layers together..


#6. Open Element 8 png  copy and paste it to your working image. Center it in the canvas... use Mura's/ Copies on it  using these settings

#7. Click your K key on the keyboard.. that should bring up the deformation tool.. turn it a lil to the right..

.lining it up on the humps of the hearts... move this layer below the paper hearts.

#8. now it's just a matter of 'filling' in the spaces with flowers.

Open Element19.png  resize 25%

element20.png  resize 20%

element55.png  resize 20%

element 32.png  resize 20

#9. Use all the  flowers...just don't put two colors by each other.. stagger the colors and types of flowers..

fill in the holes, You might have to use the deformation tool to pull out the edges of the mask layer... so it shows some  past the flowers

#10. Open element14.png  resize 62%  you might have to use the deformation tool to get it to fit just right..

Open Element 2.png  resize 60%

open element57.png   resize it  30% then sharpen

Open element 14.png  resized 60%

placement shown below

#11. Now merge layers like it shows here in the layer palette. The bows  , Tube, dream charm ballerina.. all get merged. that's the

top layers.. the paper hearts is on it's own layer.. duplicate it 2 times.. so you have 3 layers of it.. Make sure the paper heart layers

have a 3D drop shadow to them.

Merge all the flowers , Masks and White bkg layer.. together that is the bkg layers..

#12.  on the top of the paper heart layers.. apply Xenofex 2/ Constellation to it..

Using these settings below.

#13. on each of the other 2 layers of paper hearts.. you use the same settings on Xenofex 2 just click the Random Seed button each time..!!

When you have applied Xenofex 2/ Constellation to all 3 of the paper heart layers.. then open

animation shop..

in PSP show all layers but hide the 2nd and 3rd layers of the paper hearts.. just have one of them showing

Right click on the top of the window and COPY MERGED.. over to Animation shop..

 you right click on the desktop and paste as a new animation

Back in PSP  hide that top paper heart layer and un hide the 2nd one...right click on the image top and COPY MERGED..

Back in Animation shop you right click on the new animation and paste after current frame.

over in PSP.. hide the middle paper heart layer and un hide the bottom paper heart layer..

Right click on the image top and COPY MERGED..  over in Animation shop... you right click on your new animation

and paste after current frame.. You should have 3 frames to your new animation.

Check it and see if it looks ok.. if it does.. Save As a GIF..

You should be done.. :)

Toodles till next time