Scrapkit used for this tutorial is Melissa kit by Tiny Turtle Designs.

Artwork of ęBarbara Jensen is also used License # BJ-3511

This is a retired tube of Barbara's #36

Supplies (WSL_Mask364.jpg , animation ( by Simone) and timeless text art by me :)


#1. Open paper 17.jpg  Shift + D to duplicate.. close original. the duplicated one is now your

working image.  Right click on the background layer on the palette and promote to background layer.

#2.  Go to Image/ canvas size  900 x 900 Center Justify..

Apply the WSL _Mask364 to the bkg paper. Merge/ Merge group

#3. Resize the mask layer 88%  have the resize all layers UN checked.

#4. Open element 33.png  copy and paste it over to your working image.

Open element 39.png   copy and paste it to your working image

it's layer will be above the white lace frame. I know in step #3 we resized the mask layer 88% smaller.

but I decided it needed to be larger go past the edges of the white edges of the lace frame.

A girl can change her mind can't she LOL..

#5.  I used my deformation tool to pull the corners of the mask layer out some..

#6. Open the tube and resize her 85% if you used the same tube as I did..

#7. Open paper 31.jpg  copy and paste it's layer below the leaf frame's layer..

Use your erase tool set at 78 size hardness 53 , step 1, opacity 70%

We can't do this like we do it most time.. select in the center of the frame.. there are just too many

nooks and cranny to do it.. Bottom line is to erase around the frame.. as close as you can...You need a

background behind the leaf frame.

#8. Do the same thing to the tube.. just erasing the bottom part of the tube.

Notice the tube is on top of the frame where her head is... on the bottom it's behind or under the leaf frame.

#9. Afterward you apply a 3D drop shadow on the tube and the leaf frame.

#10 Add a new layer and move it to the bottom of the layer palette and fill with white.

#11. It takes a lil finessing to get it to look right... below here is how it should look.

#12.  Open element 59 resize 65%  copy and paste it over to your working image.. use the deformation

tool to turn it like below, Sharpen once

Open element 57.png resize 20% copy and paste it to your working image.

#13. Open element71... colorize it.. using these settings

#14. then use curves on it to darken it . Curves are found  in Adjust/ brightness/ contrast/ curves.

#15. Resize the bow 80%  Copy and paste it to your working image.

Open element 109.png  copy and paste it to your working image. duplicate  colorize and darken like the bow.

Open element 103.png resize 60% put its layer below the flower layers. duplicate and resize the duplicated one 65%


Open element 55.png resize 45%  colorize and darken the color like you did for the bow earlier.

Open element 15.png resize 75%.. copy and paste it on the top of all layers.

Resize ALL layers 88%

Open element 49.png resize it 33%

 #16. Open the text file that was in the supplies zip ,resize 15%,  copy and paste it over to your working image.

Your image should look like below

#17. Merge all your layers.. and Right click on the top of the image and COPY

Open your animation shop and right click on the desktop and paste as a new animation.

Open the SimoneAni333.mng file that was in the supplies zip