Kit used for this tutorial is Dreamn4ever Designs a Blogtrain kit 'Time for Change

 direct Download

I used the art of ŠPinup Toons. You must purchase and have license # to use.

Mine is #CDO-2339


Supplies (mask, word art, & bow.

I also used Mura Meister's/ Copies


#1. Open frame 2.png  Shift + D to duplicate. Close original the copy is now your working image.

Resize the frame  60%. Image/ Canvas size 900 x 900 pixels. Center justify.

Copy and paste paper 7.jpg over to your working image. apply the mask that was from the supplies zip

#2. Resize your working image/all layers 85%

Copy and paste your tube over to the window

#3. Use your magic wand and click on the inside of the round frame. (you have to be on it's layer)

INVERT... and erase on the bottom the area that is outside of the circle.

#4. Open the element chevron  resize 15% and duplicate.. merge down

Duplicate the merged chevron.

#5. Open the Fern element resize 20% all layers/ image/ canvas size/ 900 x 900 center justify

resize 70%  Copy and paste it over to your working image.

#6. Open flower 2 element resize 35% copy and paste it to working image.

Flower 1  resize 20%

Flower 4  resize 20%

Leaves resize 10% duplicate

Image / canvas size 850 x 850

See below for placement of elements

#7. Open the two scenes that was in the zip.. have the summer on top of the fall picture.

BELOW the frame layer. use the deformation tool to pull out the edges if you need to.


#8. Use the magic wand tool to select inside the frame area, be on its layer on the layer palette.

selections/ modify /expand 5 pixels  INVERT

on each of the scene layers hit delete.. to get rid of the areas outside the frame area.


Your image should look like below.

Add the text that was in the supplies zip.. I resized it 30%

Below is how I merged my layers the top layers merged...

the two seasonal pictures separate.. and mask and the white bkg layer merged down.

For the summer picture  will be set to 100% opacity

Right click on the top of the image window and COPY MERGED

go to animation shop and right click on it's desktop and paste as a new animation.


back to PSP and set the summer pic layer to 80% opacity... Right click on top of image and COPY MERGED

in animation shop paste behind current frame

back in PSP set the summer pic layer to 65%  Right click on the top of image  COPY merged.

over to animation shop paste behind current frame.

In PSP set the summer pic to 45 % same as before Copy merged

in animation shop paste behind current frame..

in PSP set summer pic to 20%  Copy Merged..

in animation... paste behind current frame.. Right click on F:1 of your new animation and go to animation properties  set the time to 200

on the last frame set the time to 200 also.. check your new animation see if it all looks good then SAVE AS a gif..

toodles you're done!!