FTU Scrapkit by Dee's Sign Depot 'Through The Years'

Dee's Sign Depot's mask freebie  DD_FallMask_3 found HERE

Put the mask in your mask folder, so that PSP 'sees' it.

Artwork of ŠAlex Prihodko  License #PFD-SWT59

EyeCandy 5 Impact/Glass is used

I used PSP X 6 to do this tutorial.. any version of PSP will work.

These tutorials of mine takes a working knowledge of PSP.



Open the Frame.png that I supplied in the supplies zip

#1. Shift + D to duplicate the frame... close the original.

#2. Image/ Canvas Size  900 x 900  center justify.

#3. This is your new working image.

#4. Open Paper_6.jpg and copy and paste it below the frame layer.

#5. Layers/Load/save Mask/ Load Mask from Disk

Find the DD_FallMask_3 on the drop down list.

 Right click on the top mask layer and Merge/Merge Group now... make sure that the frame is not in that group.

#6. Duplicate your Mask layer now (mirror & flip it)

#7. Use your magic wand tool.. making sure you're on the frame layer on the layer palette

Click inside the frame. This should selected the inside of frame.

go to Selections/Modify/ Expand 10 pixels.. INVERT

#8. Open Paper_15.jpg from the kit and copy and paste it under the frame layer and on top of the

two mask layers. Highlight the Paper _15.jpg layer and Cut/Delete.

#9. Open Element_48.png and copy and past it below the frame and paper 15 layers and above the 2 mask layers..

Position as mine below.

#10. Below are a list of elements that I used and the resize amount

Element_21.png     75%

Element_26b.png     50%

Element_15.png     45% (duplicate 3 times) position as shown below

(Things will have to be moved around after you get all the elements on your working image..)

#11. Open  Element_29.png      50%

This element is glasses without the glass.. I will show you how to make the glass.

Shift + D to duplicate the element after you've resized it.. close original , don't ever save the changes.

Use your magic wand to select the inside part of the glasses,

Add a new layer. Make sure the new layer is selected on the layer pallet


#12. Go to Effects/Alien Skin Eye Candy 5 Impact/ Glass and use the below settings

#13. Select none, merge all visible then copy and paste it into your working image.

#14. Element _39.png   cut the tail off :)     60%

Element _40.png  cut the tail off    

Element _38.png     32%

Element_33.png    62%

The Bow.png that is in the Supplies zip

Whatever tube you would like to use.. (I put the drop shadow on both sides of her.)

Element_45.png     70% ( Sharpened) Use deformation tool to turn it in an angle like below.

#15. Remember all your 3D drop shadows on ALL your elements..

Element_43.png     50%

Element_13.png     40%

Element_14.png     45%

 (I used the Darken tool and darkened some of the petals)

#16. Your working image should look like the one above.

Merge all visible layers resize your working image to whatever size you like..

Save as a PNG or JPG whatever you like.. Good habit to get into.. when you first start

'building' your image.. Save as a .PSD , and as you progress along click SAVE. If anything untoward

happens and PSP freezes or you loose power etc.. your progress on you image is saved!


That's it.. I hope you enjoyed the tutorial

Toodles till next time