Scrapkit used for this tutorial is Crazy Carita's 'Think Pink'

Artwork of ęBarbara Jensen also used... you can get it HERE

my license to use # BJ3511

Mask (put it in your mask folder)

I used PSP X 7 for this tutorial on May17, 2015

You must have a working knowledge of PSP or it helps!

#1. Open a new image  900 x 900.( I used this setting for colorize to all elements that I use in this tutorial..)

First I colorize this paper7.jpg  Copy and paste it over to your working image.


#2. apply the mask to the bkg paper layer.

#3. Add a new layer and drag it to the bottom of the layer palette.. fill with white

#4. Open 10.png (frame)  recolorize it.. Copy & paste it over to your working image..

#5. Use your magic wand and click on the inside of the frame... Go to Selections/ Modify/ Expand 10 pixels.. INVERT  copy & paste

pp3.jpg over to your working image  REcolorize this paper.... Click delete on the keyboard.. this should get rid of the extra paper outside the frame area.

Select none.

See below...

#6. Don't apply a 3D shadow.. to the frame yet.. until Xenofex 2/ Constellation has been applied to it..

#7. Your image should look like the one below.


#8. Start adding all your elements Colorize all of them using the settings on Step #1.

14.png  colorize,  resize 60%  Duplicated and mirrored (flowers), 3D shadow

3.png  colorize,  resize 65%  add a 3D drop shadow (rose) 3D shadow

27.png  colorize ,  100 % Duplicated & mirrored (netting) 3D shadow V1 H1..blur3 55%

25.png  colorize , Duplicated & mirrored (wing) 3D shadow merge the 2 wings together

Girl tube... dress her the way you'd like 3D shadow

7.png  colorized, Resized 80%  duplicated &mirrored Merge the two elements together.

8.png  colorized,  duplicated & mirrored, 3D shadow

15.png  Colorized, duplicated and mirrored

Below is what your layer palette should look like

Duplicate the wing layer 2 times

Duplicate the frame layer 2 times

Duplicate the accordion flower layer 2 times

apply the noise effect on the wings layers..

10 %  12%1 4% on each of the 3 layers of wings

 for the accordion layers use 15%  17%  19%

For each of the Frame layers use Xenofex 2/ Constellation plugin on each layer... using these settings below.. then on the next one down.. clicking the Random Seed button

back to the layer of the frame layers back and hitting the Random Seed button again

Now hide layer 2 & 3 wings  layers 2 & 3 of the frame layers and 2 & 3 of the accordion flower layer  Right click on the image layer and do COPY MERGED 

Open your Animation shop. Right click on the desktop and do Paste as a new animation.

Next hide the top layer of the Wings, Frame & Accordion flower , and UN hide the 2nd one of each.. right click on the top and do COPY MERGED.. Back to Animation shop and  right click on your new animation and paste behind current frame.

Back to PSP and hide the middle layers of the Wings, Frame and Accordion layers and UN hide the bottom of those layers then right click and COPY MERGE..

Back to animation shop and right  click on your new animation there and paste behind current frame.. you should have 3 frames to your new animation... Check the animation

 to see if it looks ok.. then SAVE AS a GIF...  woop woop.. your done!!!!


Toodles till next time!!

Below just shows the step one of the hiding the frames process... I don't show each one... I figure if you got this far.. you know how to finish the animation :)

In Animation shop I went to Animation/Resize and resized it 77% it was a wee bit big :)


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