I used a PTU scrap kit this time.. Bella Gypsy's Best Buds

Artwork of  ŠNocturne  You must purchase and have a license # to use.

Mine is PFD_Swt59

VIX_Mask371 is used

Written in PSP X 6 and Animation shop 3.11


#1. Open pattern 1.jpg paper.. Shift + D to duplicate the window... close original.. the duplicated window is now your working image

Use your deformation tool to bring it in smaller . You image will be 1000 x 1000 .. too big but  we will fix later.


#2. Apply VIX_Mask371 to the paper using the settings below.

#3. Merge group/ and duplicate the mask layer, Merge down on the two mask layers.

#4. Open DotBurse2.png  resize 45% and copy and paste it over to your working image.

Put it to about 11 o'clock position

#5. Open the tube you're going to use... copy and paste it over to working image.. then you can add

the flowers and bow.... don't forget to put your 3D drop shadow on each of the items.

V=3 H=2  60 opacity and 7 blur You can use this setting for all elements


#6. Add a new layer to the bottom of the layer palette and fill with white.

#7.  Merge all the layers below... don't forget your copy right info...

You can crop the image now.. and resize 80% if, you'd like  You might have to sharpen he tube layer once.

#8. Next add the stars like I have below keeping them on their own separate layers.


#9. Hide all the stars except the left one  then right click on the top of the image and COPY MERGED... Open your animation shop


#10 In animation shop right click on the desk top and paste as a new animation.

Back to PSP  Un hide the next star.. right click on top of window and COPY MERGED again..

Back to Animation shop... right click on your new animation there and paste after current frame..

Keep doing this till you do all 5 stars... back and forth...( hope you understand what I mean..)

Over in Animation ship you should have 5 frames.. Ctrl + A to select all the frames.. Copy... Paste after the last 5th frame...You should have 10 frames now...with the

last 5 highlighted still, go up to animation reverse frames..

Just like below. Click on F: 5 Right click on it... Frame Properties  set to 20  Click  right click on F: 6 Frame properties set to 20

check your animation.. to see it's ok. If you want to slow your animation down you can.

As a last thought.. I did a copy merged.. with NO stars showing..

Copy merged that then in Animation shop I pasted that one frame BEFORE all the others.

Save your new animation as a GIF.. using the settings below.. the optimized Octree setting seems to work better with Flesh color on the tube.



Your done!! Toodles till next time