PSP 9 was used in making this tutorial.. other versions can be used...

This is for intermediate/advanced PSP users.

The water animation program Sqirlz Reflect is used in this tutorial,  you can download here

Supplies zip



1. Open the SeaBkg.jpg that was in the supplies zip. Now the reason I did this... was it was tricky to place the animation in the right spot so I went ahead and made this bkg.. so that step would be easy... you can make one your self.. if your brave and so inclined. Opening this in PSP is just used right now for kind of the guide to build the top frame and tube layers you will NOT merge this SeaBkg to the frame and tube layers.

2. Open the Spirlz Water reflections program now. Click on the Green file icon in the top left corner and browse to the file that was included in the materials zip, Ocean.jpg. then sample below the arrow points to the red circle button, the Start creating Outline. To make the selection you want to animate you do this like PSP's point to point selection.. you can make more than one selection if you need to. But for what I needed for the Ocean jpg... is just a plain rectangle. shown below.

3. this symbol the red arrow is pointing to, Click the choose combination window pops up.. here is where you pick if you just want waves.. or just ring ripples.. etc... for this tutorial. I used basic ripples only.

4. Click the basic ripples button this window below opens. You can play with the settings trying all settings.. but the settings below is what I used for this tutorial.

5.The buttons on the top right, Water color.. add extra waves.. add flow... smooth.. those all add different looks. Below are my settings.


6. To test to see what your animation is going to look like click the yellow arrow.. to preview it.. back to the settings the 3 blue wavy lines. When you get your animation set like you want... click on the 6 colored dots button.. and set the frame rate.

7. Save as a GIF

8. Back to PSP now. Start 'building' your frame and tubes over the SeaBkg.jpg on my girl and crab tubes I applied a 3D shadow on them first with V & H 1  50% 5 blur black  then I also applied a perspective shadow using Eye Candy 3.1. with these settings below.

9. This is not shown.. but place the nautical frame over the black box on the SeaBkg so that no white shows around the edges... place your tubes where you want them.. add your text.. heart etc.. just like you want them placed on your finished project. Below I had the SeaBkg THERE just had it hiding.. and took the capture.. should of took the capture with it showing too.. sorry about that...

10. Add your text if you want text.

11. Heart

12. ok MERGE visible all your tubes, frames etc..**all that's showing up above in the sample** in fact just delete the Sea Bkg that way you wont accidently  merge it with the other layers.... you will need it in Animation Shop just not in PSP.

13. Open your Animation Shop and open up the new animation you made in Spirlz Water Reflect program. I saved mine with 14 frames.. it looked pretty good with that.  the more frames the better it looks BUT the bigger the file is...  on the Spirlz animation select all frames.

14. Now open your SeaBkg.jpg *that was in the supplies zip* in Animation shop. Duplicate the frames to SAME amount of frames that the Spirlz animation has in it.

You can watch on the bottom where it has F: it will tell you how many frames you have.

15. Make sure you've got both of these animations.. all the way over to FRAME 1 , Click, hold and Drag frame ONE of the animated water to frame ONE of the Sea Bkg. Be sure to position JUST where you want it BEFORE you release the mouse button.. or it will 'drop' it in wrong place and you have to UNDO on both animations...and start over..


Once you get the animated sea  over to the Sea Bkg, check your new animation.. with the animation preview button.


16.  The top frame you made over in PSP with all the merged tubes, text etc to it.. you now over in PSP COPY that layer.. and go to Animation shop and PASTE as new animation.. right clicking on AS desktop. As shown below... the frame is in a separate window than your working animation with the sea...Duplicate the new frame animation.. or layer, to same amount of frames that the working animation has.. mine was 14...

17. Select all the top frame layers. Click & DRAG frame ONE of the top frame over to the working animation's Frame One now.. positioning it in the right place before you let the mouse button go. Remember if you drop the frame in the wrong place then undo.. both animations.. and try again. .remembering to click, hold mouse button down.. and drag to right spot.. position in right spot before letting go of mouse button.

18.  That's it.. just save your new animation as a GIF . Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Holler if you need any help..