Scrapkit used for this tutorial is Dee's Sign Depot 'Tonya's Gift'

Tube used is from İVery Many

License #VMT_Artsyatheart

This tutorial is written in PSP X 6... Dec 9, 2015

Supplies (mask and animation)

put the mask in your mask folder.. it is Dee's Mask.. You can also get the mask at her Dangerously Delicious blog


#1. Open paper10.jpg  Shift + D to duplicate it... close original.

The copy is now your working image.

#2. Right click on the paper layer on palette and promote layer to background

Go to image/ canvas size/ 900 x 900 center justify

Go to layer/ save/ load mask/ load mask from disk pick the mask from the drop down preview window.

Use the settings below

#3. Open Frame 2.png  resize 65%  Copy and paste it over to your working image.

Sharpen once.

#4. Open element 67b.png  resize 80% copy and paste it to your working image.. have its layer below the frame layer.

Using your selection tool in a circle... draw out a circle like below.. where it's a lil larger than the inside of the round frame.. hit delete

while on the net frame layer.

#5.  Select none after the inside of the net frame is gone.. Merge down on the circle frame and the netting.


#6. Apply a 3D drop shadow.

#7. Add a new layer on the bottom of the layer palette.. fill with white..

#8.  Open the tube your going to use.. and copy and paste her to your working image.

Duplicate your mask layer.. put one at 11 o'clock and one at 5 o'clock.. hope you understand that placement

Think of the hands of a clock

#9.Now we're going to start putting the elements you want on your image.

element 61c  resize 50%  duplicate

element  38b  resize 50%

element 38a  resize  50%

3D shadow  V & H 3  Opacity 60  blur 9  black.. use this for all elements & tube

element 29.png resize 80%

#10. Use your selection tool in a circle and draw out a selection over the frame.. Open paper 2.jpg and

copy and paste it over to your working image below the round frame.... INVERT the selection and CUT..

#11.  So far your image should look like the one below.

#12. Element 54b

element Present from Santa 32.png

element 19.png resize 40%  duplicate

element 32.png resize 50%

element 4.png resize 50%

element 21.png resize 40%

Hide the right star and angel.. and merge visible all the other layers.. including the bottom, mask and ALL

 Merge the star and the angel layers together. Then hide them... have all the other merged layer showing.

Right click on the top of the image window and COPY MERGED.. Your going to have to notice where the position of the head

of the angel will be.. take note of that..

#13. Open your animation shop. and click on it's desktop and paste as a new animation..

Open the animation that was in the supplies zip... Notice it has 15 frames.. Ctrl + A to select all the frames

on the new animation you pasted from PSP  duplicate the one frame till you have 15 frames too.

Ctrl + A to select all the frames.. Drag F: 1 of the circle animation over to F: 1 of your new working animation. Click hold and drag. Not letting

go of the mouse button till you get it positioned where you want it.

#14. Back over in PSP hide the bottom merged layers and just have the top merged layer (start and angel)  Right click and COPY MERGED

back over in animation shop... right click on desk top and paste as a new animation.. Duplicate that new frame till you have 15 frames..

Ctrl + A to select all the frames.. Drag its F:1 over to Frame 1 of your new animation.. let go of mouse when you get it positioned

like you want..


if you've done it all right... your animation should be complete after you check it.. remember you can always UNDO if you have to

Save as a GIF when done

Toodles till next time