Text on a path takes some getting use to.. specially using your bezier curves tool.ok

So just practice and practice... :)

#1. Below.. use the settings shown for your pen tool.. draw a free hand curvy line like I did below.

#2Choose your text tool and click on the left end of the line..when you see the cursor change to a rocker with a T in it.

Start typing your text.. keep typing to fill the line up with text.

don't let it go over the last of the right side of line or it will do weird stuff :) Below is how it looks when you select the text.. Use the settings I use below for the text tool.

#3. On the layer palette  expand out the vector layer by clicking the black arrow to the left of the layer thumb nail. Click on the eye to hide the new path layer (line layer)

#4. Below is typing around a vector oooval.. have it black in your foreground box and background boxes. Click on your preset shape tool and choose the oval.

#5. Pull out an oval the size you need. Click on your Text tool and click on the left top about 10 o'clock when you see the rocker T click and start typing yourText. when you're doing this.. you might have to play with the font you use.. and the font size.




#5. Same is done if you need your text in a circle... its ALWAYS the same when you need to get rid of the  vector shape or

 line that you typed your text on. Expand out the Vector layer on the layer palette and hide that layer. As in below some

 times you need to play with the font used and size of the font, just highlight the text you have typed and use your mouse

 wheel if you have one and it will go through your font you have installed on your computer. If you use a Text editor for to keep up

with all your fonts.. like Xfonter etc.. if you have it opened and the folder where you keep all your stored fonts that you don't have i

nstalled on your computer..  PSP will 'see' them all and they don't have to be installed on your computer to be used. Putting your space insertion bar before your text and tapping the space bar will move the text into place. to center it.

#6. Below shows that you typed too many words and they overlapped  just back space till they do fit OR try another font.. and font size

below you expand the vector text out... and hide the circle layer.. to get rid of the black circle.


you can put text around any vector shape... below it's going around a star shape.



Below is typing on a bezier curve... as it shows you have to pull the handles out past the image window to get the right curve you need.






Toodles til ext time...