Scrapkit used for this tutorial is Cinnamon Scraps 'A Royal Wedding' You can find the scrapkit on her blog in freebies

here is a direct download if you can't find it.. HERE

I used the artwork of Alex Prihodko  Must purchase the tube and have a license # to use

Mine is PFD_Swt59

WSL_Mask129 found HERE Direct download HERE

Tramages/Quilt plugin is used

also Penta/dot and cross.. you can get it at the same web pages as above.

I wrote this tutorial using PSP X6..


#1. Open Paper 3.jpg  resize 80% Shift + D to duplicate close original. the duplicate is now your working image.

Promote bkg layer to raste by right clicking on it on the layer palette.

#2. click K on the keyboard to bring up your deformation tool (this works for newer versions of PSP .

 You can check for your version of psp to see what you click to bring up the deformation tool.. it might be different than the 'K'.

#3. Apply the mask on this bkg layer.

Merge/ Merge group

apply the and cross with these settings below.

#4. Now apply the Tramages/ Quilt to it.

#5. Open the frame that's in the kit  resized 35%  Copy and paste it over to your working image.

Open paper 5.jpg  resize 65% copy and paste it over to your working image.. have its layer under the frame layer.

#6. Use your magic wand tool and click on the center of the frame (highlight the frame layer on palette)

Selections/ modify/ expand 8 pixels INVERT CUT on the paper layer.

Unselect.. apply a 3D drop shadow on the frame layer.


#7. click K on the keyboard to bring up deformation tool and pull the mask layer out on all 4 edges.. don't enlarge it so much

that the edges go past the sided of the image window though.

#8. Copy and paste the tube your going to use now to your working image.

Apply her 3D drop shadow. See below.

#9. Start opening the elements your going to use..

Ribbon flower.png resize 18%

flower.png 20% duplicate Use deformation tool to make smaller

Vine 22%

String 22%  re colorize mirrored

button resize 22%

Heart  18%

bow 80%

laabels 23% mirrored

Save as a jpg  compression set on 1... for better quality.


Toodles til next time