Kit used for this tutorial is Cinnamon Scrap's 'You're the One, addon freebie

Artwork of ©Caron Vinson... You can purchase her HERE

My license # CDO-2339


This tutorial was written May 11, 2015 and done in PSP X6

other versions will work too with slight variations.


Mask   is WSL_Mask165 (put this mask in your mask folder)

#1. In the supplies is a Frame I made for this tutorial.  Frame1.png Open it..

Copy and paste paper33.jpg over to your frame 1 image. Drag the paper layer to the bottom of the layer palette.

it should look like below.

#2. Go to Layers/ load/save mask/ load from disk. and apply the mask to the paper.

Merge group

#3. Using your deformation tool pull the mask out from each corner to enlarge it some.

#4. Have black as your background color forground NULL.

Click on your preset shape tool  (Create on Vector, Circle)

#5. Pull out your circle, ( needs to fit inside your frame...) then click on your Text tool  . Point your mouse to the circles edge.. till it turns into a rocker I

Start typing... 'If flowers were friends I'd pick you...type it over and over till it fills up the outside of the circle.. you might have to select all the text.. change your font

and size till it looks right..

#6. On the layer palette open up the Vector shape and hide the new ellipse layer.. that should just leave the text showing...

Right click and convert to rater layer.

#7. f its too big...resize a lil smaller... Apply a 3D drop shadow on the text. Position it in the center of the frame.

# 8. Open flower16.png resize 60% copy and paste it to your working image.

#9. Open the banner 1.png  Flip and resize 60%

Put what text you'd like on it..

As hou see below I used a ©CaronVinson tube purchased at CDO store. Link is above.

#10. When I got it all together like above.. I merged all layers.. resized it to what size I wanted.. duplicated that merged layer 2 times ..

I ended up with 3 layers of it... used my magic wand tool and selected parts of her dress and the top of the flower and

applied noise to each of the layers using 15%.. 17% and 19%

Hide all but the top layer.. Right click on top of image window and Copy Merged..

#11. Open your Animation Shop and right click on it's desk top

Paste as a new animation.. back to PSP hide the top layer and UN hide the middle layer

Right click on top  Copy Merge  back to animation shop and paste after current frame.

Back to PSP  hide the middle layer and UN hide the bottom layer, right click Copy merged..

back to Animation shop and paste after current frame... you should have 3 frames... check your animation..

if all looks right.. Save As.. a GIF.. you're done!!!

Toodles till next time..