FTU Scrapkit 'Sweet by Nature' by Alikas Scraps

Artwork of ŠPinup Toons which you can purchase HERE 145-2

219InsatiableDreams.jpg Mask HERE (put it in your mask folder)

This tutorial was done in PSP X7  Jan 12, 2015


#1.  File/New image 900 x 900  using your rectangle selection tool

Fill with the pink color below. In all the other image in the tutorial, this color will look different.. I ended

up using this color here instead of the bright purplie one :) Unselect.

#2. Apply the mask to this rectangle .Open as17.png element, (frame) drag its layer over to your working image.

#3. Use your point to point selection tool and make a selection as it shows below

Add a new layer, right below the frame layer.

#3. Fill with #F5cde6  Keep it selected !

#4. Effects/Texture Effects/ Blinds

#5. Should be still selected   Effects/ Distortion Effects/ Twirl, use the settings below.

#6. This action.. place a few holes in the pink bkg behind the frame.. would of been LOTS

worse if you hadn't of kept it selected.. Try it and see lol.

#7. Use your Warp Brush tool , using the settings below and put down and out a tiny bit to 'fix' the holes.

It should of just had two spots that need this done.

#8. Your image should look like this one.. except the mask bkg layer will be a diff color.. not this purple one I used at first.

I didn't want to have to make all the captures over again :)

#9. I put my Pinup toon tube on there...and opened the as10.png element and recolored using the settings below.

also used the deformation tool and turned it down just a lil.. I wanted to cover the flat bottom of the tube with this lil Sweet sign.

#10.  Open element as20.png.. the sucker resize 80%...Sharpen once.  I used the magic wand tool and selected all the pink in the sucker

Go to Adjust/ Hue and Saturation/ Colorize

and used the same settings above when I colorized the sign.

Then go to Image Canvas size/ 200  x 300 Center Justify

Put your 3D drop shadow on now.. it won't look good if you don't use your drop shadows :)

#11. Right click on top of sucker image window.. COPY

Open your Animation Shop  Paste as a new animation. In the supplies zip.. I have included this Sucker animation.. BUT

I am going to show you how I made it also..

In Animation Shop go to

#12. Use these settings below


#13. Clicking OK

Your Sucker animation will look like this.. it makes 6 blank frames at the end and you don't need them so delete them


You should have this

#14. Ctrl + A to select all frames. Copy... click on the F:7 (frame 7).. it should only be selected now..  right click...Paste/ behind current frame

Your sucker animation should look like below. The newly pasted frames should be selected.. go up to Animation/Reverse Frames

it should look like this now... Delete F:8.. it's redundant  You should end up with 13 frames...

Save as a MNG file... NOTTTT a GIF  this will preserve the 3D drop shadow on it..


#15. Back to PSP.. 'build' your tag like below.

#16. When done with putting it all together.. Add a new layer drag all the way to the bottom and fill with WHITE.

Right click on top of working image.. COPY MERGED

Back to Animation shop... right click on it's desktop and Paste as a new Animation.

Now this tag animation.. you just created.. it needs the same amount of frames as the sucker animation does.

Click the duplicate frame button till you have 13 frames on the tag... you might go over if you keep clicking it... just select the extra one and delete them.

Select all the frames on both animations.  Ctrl + A

Click, Hold and Drag Frame 1 (F:1) of the sucker animation over to Frame 1 (F:1) of the tag animation.. do not let go of your mouse button as

your dragging.. get it in the exact spot you want the sucker to be then release the mouse button.

Now you can save as a GIF.. Your done... back in PSP you can delete all the windows unless you want to keep them.. you could

save as a .psd the layered one.  I don't save ANYTHING with a format of .psp  .pspimage and those others.. when I

want to save something with layers I save as a .psd.. that way it can be opened in PSP.. and in Photoshop.. if you don't use Photoshop.. then it wouldnt

matter to you huh :)


Toodles till next time!!