Sample Project


For this tutorial
you will need:

PSP  verions 9

Plugins needed:

Y Xenofex 2 *constellation*

Y Eye Candy Nature *icicles*

 Included in the zip:

Y 2 brush files *save in brush folder*

Y 2 plaid bkg tiles

Y  My bow tube




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1. Start with a new canvas 500 x 500. Copy and paste the tube your going to use.. This snow man I used is Shelly Comisky's art... you can get it at www.pccrafter.

2. ADD a new raster layer BELOW the tube layer and use your Free hand selection lasso tool. set to around 18 feather... 3 smoothing. Anti- alias checked..  *settings shown below*   draw you a shape like I did in the ABOVE sample

3. Use a pattern tile of your choice... or the one supplied in the materials zip...  use FILL tool. Click twice to fill in side your hand drawn shape.

4. Remember to name your layers... Duplicate the shape two times.. so you will have 3 layers of it.

5.  Go to Effects/ Plugins and under Alienskin....Apply  Xenofex 2 * constellation* on the top duplicated layer of the shape. Use the settings below

6. On the next duplicated layer of the shape go back to Xenofex 2  use same settings but hit the random seed  button , then click OK... back to the bottom original layer of the filled shape and use the Xenofex 2 again.. hitting random seed once again.

7. Next on each of those same three shape layers... apply Eye Candy Nature's  *Icicles* on them... on the first one.. use these settings in the two captures below.. this first one below is on the Settings tab,  the second capture below is the settings on the Lighting's tab.

Use these settings on the top duplicated layer of the shape .. then with the next two layers.. go back to Eye Candy Nature and hit the RANDOM SEED button each time



8. Apply a 3D drop shadow on your tube... I had to put the shadow on its own layer so I could erase the bottom of the shadow... it looked better that way.. You might not have to on your tube.. it really just depends.  Once you erase the shadow bottom.. then merge the tube and its shadow..


Below.. I was erasing the bottom of the shadow on the tube..


9.  Copy and paste the bow on to your project.. using the deform tool to turn the bow.. diagonally over the shape bkg.


10. Add a new raster layer below the shape layers.. Here I used a brush.. to 'decorate' around the shape... shown below.. is a check brush but in the finished project I made a plaid brush and used it.. its included in the materials zip.. you can use any that looks good to you those.. its your own preference.


11.  Click on the Top layer on your layer palette... this way... when we use the preset shape tool next it will add the preset rectangle shape vector layer on TOP of all your other layers....Using your preset shape tool, the rectangle one   Draw out a rectangle using one of the fill plaid patterns for the foreground and a coordinating color for the fill bkg color. Here I used #aa2910, a rust color that coordinates.  When you have drawn the rectangle out... while its still a vector layer... grab the corner node.. and pull this will make the corner rounded... as seen below in the two captures.


12. Right click on the vector rectangle and convert to raster.... using the deform tool the turn it diagonal or however you want it.



13. Apply a 3D drop shadow on your sign.

14. Use your text tool  now set on VECTOR and type your text... grab the middle handle and match the text in the same angle as your sign is. apply a 3D shadow on the Text..

15. Have all the layers showing on the layer palette  **except hide 2 of the shape layers**. Click on the top of the canvas window and click COPY MERGE... then open your animation shop... and right click on its desk top and right click PASTE AS NEW ANIMATION. Go back to PSP and hide that one shape layer that was showing and UNHIDE one of the others.. top of window.. COPY MERGE.. back to Animation shop... right click on the new animation you've started there and PASTE behind current frame... back to PSP... Hide that one shape layer and Unhide the last one.. Top of window COPY MERGE.. back to Animation shop and right click and PASTE behind current frame... check your new animation.. with this button ... see if the speed is right.. If its too fast... then go to EDIT and select all frames. right click on any frame go down to Frame Properties... the higher the number the slower the animation.. I set mine on 30.. with this project...default is 10   SAVE AS a gif...



Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.. until next time friends..




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