Scrapkit used for this tutorial is a Blog train ' Summer Sunset'

the blog's info that were involved is inside zip

Direct download HERE

I used the artwork of İVery Many also you must purchase the tube to use

VMT_Artsyatheart is my license #

DD_FallMask_3 is used.. put it in your mask folder.

direct download HERE



#1. Open the Frame.png and resize it 45%   Shift + D to duplicate it... Close the original

this duplicated frame is now your working image

Image/ canvas size 900 x 850  Center justify.

#2. Open the tube your going to use... depending on which tube you use.. if you use the one I used resize 55%

#3. Use your selection tool set to 20 feather.. pull out a selection around the bottom of her legs.. see how they are flat

on the bottom ? We don't want that..

#4. hit delete on keyboard. Select none.. put a 3D drop shadow on her

Check to have the shadow on a separate layer.


#5. Erase the bottom of the shadow where her legs are transparent.. Merge down the girl and the shadow

#6. Open paper Sunset Stars  resize 80%  Drag its layer from the layer palette.. over to your working image

window.. drag  its layer to the bottom of layer palette

#7. Apply the mask that you previously put in your mask folder.. find it on the preview drop down window.

#8. Open SSpaper1.jpg  resize 80%

Drag its layer over to your working image.. positioning its layer below the frame layer.

#9. Use your magic wand Tolerance 20  feather 0  Click on the inside of the frame area

go to selections/ modify/ expand 8 pixels INVERT High light the paper layer and CUT or delete

select none

#10. Open the SS word art  resize 50%  Drag the word art layer over to your working image.

place it in the frame area. Like below


#11. Apply a 3D drop shadow on the frame.

Open flower2.png  resize 15%  Apply a 3D drop shadow to the flower

open the leaf.png and resize 15% and duplicate  apply the 3D drop shadow on both... use the Deformation tool to turn them where the

look good.

#12. Open flower3.png and resize 15%  drag its layer over to your working image window, apply the 3D drop shadow on it.

Open flower1.png  resize 15% Drag its layer over to your working image window.. apply a 3D drop shadow on it

#13. Open the beadspill.png  resize 25% duplicate flip

#14. Open the badge.png  resize 35% duplicate position as below

Below is how I merged all my layers



#16. Now duplicate the badge layer. Using your deformation tool  turn the badge where you see the points

of the badge is in middle of other points on the other badge layer. it should look like below after its turned.

#17 If you're a beginner to PSP you can stop now and save this as a JPG..

Note: besure and check the compression by clicking on the options on the SAVE AS window..

dDefault is set to 20.. set yours to 1 or 2 th at way the quality of your jpg will be good.

#18. for those of you that want to animate this... Open your animation shop.

If you want to resize your image now is time... I resized mine 88%

On the layer palette of your working image.. Hide on of the badge layers.

Right click on the window top and COPY MERGED

In animation shop right click on the desk top and paste as a new animation.

Back in PSP  Hide the badge layer that's showing and UN hide the other one.. right click on top of window.

COPY MERGED and in Animation shop right click on your new animation and paste behind current frame.

you should have 2 frames.. check out your animation if its ok SAVE AS a GIF

That should do it

toodles till next time!!