kit used for this tutorial is Carita Creationz ' Pinktastic' sold at Dee's Sign Depot

artwork of ęBarbara Jensen   license # BJ-3511

Mask you can get at Horseplays Pasture blog

or direct download below

Supplies (mask)

Sultry Word art

put the mask in your mask folder

#1. Open Frame 9.png  Shift + D to duplicate the window.. close original use the duplicated

one for your working image.

#2. Image Canvas size  900 x 900 Center justify.

#3. Open pp1.jpg copy and paste it over below the frame layer.

#4. Also open pp10.jpg and copy and paste it over to below the frame layer

#5. Apply the same mask to EACH of the paper layers using these settings

#6. Merge/ merge group on each paper.

#7. Use your magic wand tool and click inside of the frame.. go to selections/ modify / expand 10 pixels

#8. Open pp9.jpg copy and paste it to your working image.  INVERT the selection and delete on the paper 9 layer.

Your image should look like below.

#9. Open element 11.png  duplicate and mirror...put one on each side of the image.. under the paper 9 layer.

from here on out... we are trying to make all elements symmetrical  by duplicating and mirroring to each side.

resize ALL layers 88% then go to image canvas size and make it 900 x 900 center justify again.

We will end up re arranging things a bit before its all said and done.. but for now...

start opening elements you want to put on your image.

#10. Open element 23.png resize 75%  Duplicate

Open element 16.png  duplicate and mirror.

V  & H 3  Opacity 70% 9 blur black  use this Drop shadow setting for all elements

#11. Add a new layer and drag to the bottom of the layer palette.. fill with white

Open element 1.png resize 80%

Open element 2.png resize 65%  duplicate put on each side of the element 1.png rose.

Remember we are trying to make it look balanced

Open leaf 8.png  duplicate and mirror

Your image should look like below if you are copying the way I did it.

#12. Open element 22 resize 80%

Open element35.png  duplicate and mirror.

Open your word art that was in the supplies zip  resize it 20%

copy and paste it to your working image.

Copy and paste the 29.png  element below the flowers and frame layers..

#13. After you have duplicated the element 29.png  and mirror.. have them where they are lined up

 with each other right straight across.... see above... merge down on their layers...

then duplicate the  pink fencing layer 2 times.. so you have 3 layers of the pink fencing.

On each of the fencing layers apply Alien Skin/ Eye candy 5/ Textures/ Texture Noise on each of the layers as shown below

... hit the random seed each time for each of the lattice layers. Sharpen each one too..

Now is a good time to resize your whole image..  I resized mine to 87%


#14. Open your animation shop and in PSP  have your layer palette like below.. hide the 2nd and 3rd of the lattice layers.. just

have the top one.. the top merged layers and the mask/white bkg layer showing...

Right click on the image top / COPY MERGE

#15. In your animation shop... right click on the desktop and paste as a new animation.

In PSP hide the top lattice layer and UN hide the middle #2 lattice layer , the top layers and mask layers are also showing..

back to animation shop and paste after current frame.

do this one more time  in PSP hide the middle lattice layer and UN hide the bottom lattice layer..


Over in animation shop.. paste after the current frame.  You should have 3 frames to your new animation...

Check your animation to see if it looks correct.. If it does... save as a GIF

You should be done!!

Toodles till next time :)